Top 10 most “bloodthirsty” horror games of all time (P1)

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Man is truly a strange creature. As rulers of the Earth with the most developed brains, we always ignore our primitive instincts to get our hands on what we want. Despite everything blurring in our wide eyes, despite something swirling in our ears and blocking out every sound, we keep moving forward even though there’s a voice in our minds..” Danger ahead..” Why? Because of curiosity, because of intense thirst, because of a crazy addiction to extreme fear. If you are the one carrying that obsession, then welcome to the Top 10 most “bloodthirsty” horror games that the virtual world has ever witnessed…​


Dead Space (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Space has always been a mystery to humans. Every planet, every star, every dot of light in the sky carries a past that surpasses anyone’s imagination. And one of those bright spots is Aegis VII, the planet that is becoming a mining target of the USG Ishimura spacecraft. While working on this planet, Ishimura accidentally discovered the Red Marker – a giant artifact belonging to Unitology, the most influential and powerful sect in human society.


But few people know that the artifact with its mysterious power is the source that makes people transform into Necromorphs – deformed monstrous creatures with a mad thirst for blood. In Dead Space, people remember them when accompanying the engineer Isaac Clarke slowly walking through the dimly lit corridors of Ishimura. The motionless corpses suddenly sprang to their feet with claws slashed down to the level of their sickles, jaws hanging loose in disfigured faces and heads contorted as if the bones of the neck were an elastic band… would only be part of it. something in the extreme comedy fear that Dead Space offers to Isaac Clarke and yourself on the fateful road ahead.

Silent Hill 2 (PC, PS2, Xbox; HD Version – PS3, Xbox 360)

In Silent Hill 2, the player follows James Sunderland to a town called “Silent Hill” after receiving a letter from his wife, saying she is waiting for him there. It wouldn’t matter if his wife, Mary, had left him to go to the afterlife due to illness 3 years ago. Still deciding to set foot in the mysterious town and find out the reason behind the ironic letter, James begins his journey without knowing that his life will change forever from now on..


While some games try to scare by letting foreign objects jump on the screen, others want the player’s mind to be gnawed by the most haunting things. Silent Hill 2, the game released 15 years ago, succeeded in both. Through each heavy footstep in “Silent Hill”, the player must feel a real nightmare… Not only through the monstrous creatures lurking in every room, every corridor, every street corner of the game. ghost scene, but also through the sad, dreary, sick and sinful inside of the protagonist’s mind. Like life out there, no one is what they seem..

Silent Hill 2 on Room of Angel (Silent Hill 4).


Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (Xbox, PS2)

What if one day you held the camera in your hand and took a random shot and then caught a cold face with deep eye sockets in the frame? What if on a still photo, that face starts to move and smiles madly at you? The Fatal Frame series is built entirely on that image, where players will have to face ghosts from another realm with just an old-fashioned camera in hand. No power, no power, no weapons… just a Polaroid and the face of death imprinted on it..


But the special feature of the series as well as the sequel Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is the way to express fear. By requiring the player to point the camera directly at the spirits, the game doesn’t let you run, doesn’t let you turn away, doesn’t let you deny reality… but is forced to look directly at what you want. kill yourself.

Alien: Isolation (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Like many previous Alien titles and movies, death in Isolation is present in the monstrous silhouette of the Xenomorph race. For longtime fans, this strange thing is no longer a strange thing.. They start with a small form that hides harmlessly in an egg cocoon. But once they find their prey, they will jump directly into the victim’s face and pump the parasite directly through the mouth. When large enough, the parasite will destroy the host’s chest, escape and start its own life cycle..


As an adult Xenomorph is a true hunter, possessing outstanding speed, strength and intelligence, making it the perfect killing machine in the entire universe. No matter how advanced the technology, no matter how skilled the forces, all will eventually fall under the footsteps of the Xenomorph monsters.. But feeling that is not enough, the developers of Alien: Isolation also turns them into true immortals. In the game, the player is completely deprived of the ability to defend himself, has no power, no weapon, just a prey trying to hide from the monstrous monster chasing behind. That’s why everywhere in Alien: Isolation, players always find themselves groping step by step, hiding behind walls and trying to keep quiet in every possible way. The feeling of holding your breath with a pounding heartbeat when a black shadow flashed past the corner of your eye, would really make any of us fall into utter madness..


PT (PS4)

PT is just a Demo for the Silent Hill project, but it offers more value than any other horror game of its time. The idea of ​​PT at first glance is very simple, where the player only needs to control the main character striding through a long built-in corridor. Only when stepping through the door at the end of that corridor, the player will return to the starting point.. And every time like that, the surrounding scenery changes a little, sometimes the clock strikes one. Other time frames, sometimes it’s raining outside, sometimes the light is dim, sometimes the radio plays a news about a sick murder..


But each time you step deeper you will start to realize that PT is just a maze, and if you stay there long enough ghost things will start playing with your own mind. From the embryo left in the toilet, from the words slurred on the wall, from the silhouette of the figure glancing down… all will gradually push you into an unending black hole and where the end of the road is only. death awaits. (To be continued).

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