Project EX – Fallen with the graphics of Korean super products

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At the event G-star 2017 NX Games-a small studio acquired by Barunson E&A has released a trailer about Project EX A game developed based on the Unreal Engine 4 platform with a tactical style mixed with extreme role-playing. As a MMORPG strategy game, the game’s system includes exploration, exploration, expansion and destruction. Unlike other tactical mobile games, in the game you not only need to strategize and collect resources, but also “add salt” with battles.

In the game, you will choose 1 of 5 ‘general’ characters with the task of leading your squad into an action-packed uncompromising battle. Besides, each general has his own set of special skills and internals on the battlefield. Each general brings a unique skill and has bloody combat.


Talking about the game’s graphics, perhaps with Korean role-playing games, the graphics can’t be faulted, through the published trailers, you can see a large wild world in the 3rd person perspective. , 3D graphics bring a sense of authenticity in each match, from the first images published in September, the game has received high praise from fans not only for the look but also the content. , maybe the MMORPG genre is oversaturated in the game market, but with Project EX, the developer claims to bring new experiences to you. There is currently no official information on the release date of the game through open beta. All information about the game will be updated the fastest Emergenceingame.Com.


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