GTA Online will have more story-focused DLC

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  1. Rockstar confirms GTA Online will have a new focus on Singleplayer mode in the future

    Mission heist new of GTA Online – Cayo Perico has received quite a positive response not only thanks to her cameo Dr. Dre. Everyone loves Pavel, the new Soviet companion, and players also enjoy a solo heist experience (previous GTA Online heist missions required multiplayer involvement) .


    Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard’s Rockstar shared something about the DLC above, mentioning the new origin of GTA Online’s focus and the future of the game. Butchard said: “This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time, the community has spoken out about it, and it’s something we’ve wanted to do. We want to respect our staff and the people who love them. play like co-op mode. But at the same time still brings certain experiences for solo players. There are perks for both groups of players. If playing solo, the player will take on 100 percent of the work from planning to execution. For co-op mode, the task will be divided among many players to do it at the same time.”


    Butchard went on to add, “I think you can see what’s new in GTA Online, and I think in the future, the single-player element will continue to be added to the game.” Then when asked if Rockstar would continue to deliver stories in mode singleplayer or not, Hamad replied “Sure!”. Some fans surmise that the above answer has something to do with Grand Theft Auto 6, but it could actually mean something else.



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