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Top 10 horror movies absolutely not for the faint of heart (P.2)

6. Hold Your Breath (2012)

The story in the movie Hold Your Breath is about a group of camping friends who have fallen into an area where there are evil spirits. Their fate was chosen by these souls. Some of these friends were captured and ended in tragic deaths. The film brings a sense of tension, being pressed in every breath through every action of the character. It makes viewers be led into the film’s flow and fear and control surround them.

7. The Descent (2005)

The film revolves around a group of six girls led by Juno including Sarah, Beth, Sam, Rebecca and Holly on a cave expedition. The group has fully planned and made sure that this is a cave that has been explored, but the remaining five do not know that because of curiosity, Juno has led them to an unexplored cave to find out. explore. The girls are then trapped in the cave and faced with hordes of bloodthirsty and grotesque monsters, they must find a way out and at the same time they discover that true fear is not just about fear. from the other monster, but also from a person within themselves. The film has a familiar motif content, but the director’s way of leading the film is quite good, the horror and escape scenes are extremely suspenseful and dramatic.

8. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

The content of the film tells the story of a group of 5 university students who come to visit a wooden house in the forest. They are given detailed and specific instructions by “white-collar” characters to get to the wooden house. But when the “victim” arrived, it became clear that this was a scheme designed to make the children break the instructions. That’s why they are “punished”. Cabin In The Wood has been listed as “the most watched horror movie of 2011”. The film does not build a new horror character but reuses all the famous horror characters on the screen (Zombies, Chucky, Deadites, Scarecow Folk, ..). The details in the film are cleverly coordinated, the classic details of the horror film series are used continuously, making the audience nervous to watch every second of every minute without creating any disappointment.

9. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

After the success of the first part, The Conjuring 2 continues based on one of 10,000 investigative records of the psychic couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. This is the most mysterious case recorded in supernatural history. The context of The Conjuring 2 takes place in a house in the county of Enfield, England, in the late 70s. Here, a single mother lives with her 4 daughters. The children witnessed strange phenomena. As the devil became more and more disturbed, seeing the danger approaching for her child, the mother invited two experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to find out. But in fact, that family is just a trick to launch a blind fire, the target they are really aiming for is 2 psychics.

10. Mirror (2008)

The content of the movie Mirrors revolves around Ben Carson working at night at the house that was once on fire, the Mayflower. The house has many mysteries, especially at night. Alerted by his old colleague about the mirror in the building, Ben is still curious to know their mystery. After that, a series of strange things happened to Ben and his family thereby revealing a bit of the secret about the haunted mirror. Through the process of discovering the truth about the mirror on the wall, the movie Mirrors has taken the audience from one surprise to another. Scary sound effects and images are the highlight of this movie that makes it more haunting for the audience.

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