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Top 10 characters with genius brains in the Marvel universe (P.1)

10. Charles Xavier (Professor X)

Professor X was born into a wealthy family and is the son of a nuclear researcher. From an early age, Charles Xavier was a genius when he entered college at the age of 16. He also earned a certificate in biology within two years and when he graduated from Oxford, Charles got another certificate in genetics. Xavier is also a strategist, during his time leading the X-Men he has repeatedly programmed meticulous strategies, predicted attacks from the enemy side, properly assessed the situation and devised a solution quickly.


9. Peter Parker (Spider-man)

Peter Parker was a scientific genius since childhood. Early on, he showed a very intelligent mind, so he was accepted as an honor student at Midtown High School. After being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming Spider-Man, Peter invented a series of weapons to support himself such as a spider web shooter, a combat outfit…


8. Henry Philip McCoy (Beast)

Despite his beastly appearance, Henry possesses the best brain in the Mutant world with an unmatched IQ. With that mind combined with beast-like acumen, Beast is a master of everything. Not only that, Henry is also an extremely good biochemist, fluent in many foreign languages ​​and very well understood about the genetic makeup of all Mutants.


7. Susan Storm Richards (Invisible Woman)

As the daughter of a famous scientist – Franklin Storm, Susan Storm Richards inherited her intelligence from her father. After graduating, she moved to California for college and began dating Reed Richards. Richards was currently working on a manned spaceship, but the government stopped funding the project. So Richards decided to make a test flight to keep the project going. Reed and her best friend – Ben Grimm and Susan and her brother joined the flight. In space, they were exposed to a large amount of cosmic radiation, so they gained supernatural abilities. The four become the Fantastic Four to protect humanity. Susan can become invisible at will and calls herself Invisible Girl.


6. Robert Bruce Banner (Hulk)

Referring to the Hulk, perhaps people often default to an unintelligent “muscular shoulder”. But actually, despite growing up in a painful childhood, Banner still studied very well and entered the New Mexico University of Technology – where he studied atomic and energy science. During a bomb test, trying to save a civilian. Banner was affected by the large amount of radiation emitted by the bomb. But due to a special genetic structure, Banner did not die, but absorbed all the gamma and turned into a green giant – Hulk.


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