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Fighting crazy with Lang Nha Bang Mobile’s PVP system

Recently the game Lang Nha Bang introduced players during testing to an extremely rich PVP system, allowing 5 teams to play against each other in a single battlefield. Surely this will be a new breakthrough that few Lang Nha Bang players will enjoy.


In this new PVP battlefield, the traditional solo PVP will be removed as before, and will instead allow to be divided into 5 teams, each team will have two participants. Except for your comrades, everyone else is an enemy, there is no alliance in this battlefield. This PVP system is intended to test the character’s skills and absorb player feedback.

In that chaotic battlefield, each team only has two participants, so players must discuss and clearly define combat tasks for their teammates. Unleash key skills, understand each the key point for players to win. Besides, choosing an appropriate career is also an important point that players must pay attention to.


If you don’t know yet Lang Nha Table mobile Full name is Lang Nha Bang: Phong Khoi Truong Lam, is a 3D MMORPG game developed by Loong Entertainment, belonging to the genre of first half. Introduced as an MMORPG that combines puzzles, giving players an experience unmatched in games of the same genre. In addition to performing NPC tasks to level up the game, there are also extremely attractive PK, PVP and BOSS battles.


In China, as soon as it opened to test the game, it attracted a large number of players to participate, on various websites ForumThe game always receives positive reviews. The game is currently in beta testing on both Android and iOS platforms.

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