Top 10 Dota 2 players worth watching at The International 2018

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Less than a week left until the biggest event Dota 2 The International officially kicks off. With 18 teams competing for the right to own the Aegis shield along with huge amounts of money, this is the right point to look back at the players attending this event. We have selected the Top 10 most notable players at The International for your convenience, and without keeping you waiting, below is the list.

1. Yawar

The first player on the list is Yawar “YawaR” Hassan. Contrary to his famous brother Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, his Dota 2 career path is quite uneventful. He played for quite a few teams but did not achieve much success. It took him a lot of time and effort to get known.

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He continued to perform well as a carry despite the ups and downs of his career and he finally made it to his first The International with the team that was supposed to do the miracle. Yawar will be attending The International with VGJ.Storm and is sure to be a player worth watching.

2. Armel

The SEA region is famous for being the birthplace of legends. Especially mid player, SEA brought us players like Mushi, iceiceice, Abed and many more. Armel is a shining player and is expected to make history. His transformation began when he joined Team Rave and began to achieve his own achievements.

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All he needed was to join TNC and continue on that successful journey. Armel is the most talented player in the SEA region, and will definitely be the one to make TNC fly far at The International 2018.

3. LaNm

Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng is known to be a member of the legendary lineup of DK. Few in the community know what he contributed while he was on the team. At the beginning of his career at EHOME, the aim was to lead the team to be in the top 5 at The International 2016 and he succeeded. His team lost to DC but had a great run with a 12-2 result. And this could not have happened without LaNm, who made the decisions for the team.

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His signature heroes are Rubick, Earthshaker and Phoenix. If you’re looking to learn how to support, don’t miss LaNm’s matches at TI8.

4. Jerax

Jerax is one of the few support players with more fans than cores. His tackles are what make him the best player, and sometimes he decides the team’s victory. Jerax is the record holder for reaching the finals of all four Majors in a row and is the deciding factor of the team.

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For the time being, Jerax will be attending the event with OG’s new roster, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be showing off his skills. If you want to see the game changer skill by support then don’t ignore Jerax.

5. Silent

Airat “Silent” Gaziev will return to The International after a 3-year hiatus. In 2015 he participated in the event with team Empire and lost the second match in the lower bracket. However, his in-game skills are the deciding factor for any team he’s ever played for.

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One of the achievements that gave the team confidence was finishing third at EPICENTER XL after losing to Liquid. Throughout the event, he played as a core, being the player that many believe led the team to defeat OG, Pain Gaming, and most importantly,

His carry skill is unquestionable and the Winstrike team relies entirely on it and Silent’s farming ability. If you are a longtime fan then you will know the ability of Silent. If you’re not a longtime fan, trust me this is the player you want to keep an eye on.

6. YapZor

There are very few support players who possess such popularity as well as a huge fan base. While core players have always been a viewer’s favorite, the road to asserting themselves for support players has been very difficult. But these support players are the deciding factors for the team’s victory or defeat.

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When these players use their staunch heroes, they can change the entire game to their liking. If you ignore them, they will have enough space to farm and complete the necessary items to dominate the game.

Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat is the name that brought the support player’s reign up thanks to his hero, Rubick. He started building his career while playing for Monkey Freedom Fighters with a mix of names like SingSing and Demon.

It didn’t take long for YapzOr to join the Tier 1 roster. At The International 2018 he was one of the most watched players and you won’t regret watching him play. .

7. w33

We remember Aliwi “w33” Omar from his days with Digital Chaos, where the team enjoyed a legendary run at The International 2018. And this wouldn’t have happened without w33.

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There’s not a single person who thinks he’s a great player. The main proof is what he has achieved with the teams he has participated in. Before he joined Digital Chaos, he was a member of Secret and earned himself victory at The Shanghai Major 2016 among other achievements.

At the moment w33 will attend The International with the Brazilian team Pain Gaming. After joining the team, he began to show his skills to a new level. This we can clearly see when achieving 3rd place at ESL One Birmingham 2018.

Attending the event The International 2018, along with w33 is his former teammate Misery, he just joined the team as a coach a few days ago. From his point of view w33 always plays well, unless something unfortunate happens he will still be.

8. Fy

Many fans often call him Fy-God and they do it for a purpose. When he was 19 years old he was the captain of Vici Gaming and led the team to 2nd place at The International 2014.

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Under the roof of PSG.LGD, Fy shined with his ban/pick skills, causing Team Liquid to have a hard time. The most recent was the top performance at EPICENTER XL after winning against Liquid in the finals. Even closer, under Fy’s leadership, the team’s continued lead at the Changsha Major brings hope to the team.

PSG.LGD is one of the contenders for the title of The International 2018. This wouldn’t have happened without Fy. If you want to know more about the ban/pick then don’t miss the matches of PSG.LGD.

9. RodjER

If there is one person who has allowed the team to continuously dominate Dota 2, it is none other than Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan. This player is expected to save his team’s life. At that time he was noticed as a play maker. Na`Vi saw that first and recruited him.

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Here Rodjer won himself a Major after defeating VP in the final along with a 4th place at DreamLeague Season 8. knew he had more power than that when he played for Na`Vi and so the team decided to bring him back under their roof.

Miracles happened to the team immediately and they won ESL One Katowice 2018 and important places at tournaments in 2018. While the other VP players did their job well, Rodjer shined. He shines with his tackles and that’s why he won the MVP award at ESL.

Rodjer and his team are widely expected to make history in a few days and we also hope that he will make it happen.

10. MinD_ContRoL

Possessing a star-studded lineup like Miracle and Matumbaman taking the stage. While every player is worth watching, we pay special attention to Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov.

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His playstyle is known for being aggressive, which helped create space for Miracle and Matumbaman in the early game, to farm and carry the game. His trademarked heroes are Dark Seer, Beastmaster and Nature’s Prophet. They are the first priority heroes to be banned and if they fall into his hands it will become a nightmare for your team.

Ivan joins Team Liquid with Kuroky and is seen as responsible for the team’s success. He will be the main player of the team at this TI and he is also the best offlaner so you will probably want to follow him.


Of all the years this is probably the only year where it is difficult to determine which team will win. In previous years, although it is not certain, we can still guess who will win the Aegis shield. However, at the moment, 10 out of 16 teams can win this title.

Hopefully with this article you will find the right players to watch at the upcoming The International 2018 event.

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