PUBG is saving itself with the ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign

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Quote from Fix PUBG’s website:

“Since launching PUBG in Early Access last year, the game has grown rapidly, and we are fortunate enough to have millions of passionate gamers like you. However, we have not been able to meet your expectations yet. The game still has many unresolved issues.

“In short, you are the reason for our success. Everyone has bonded with us, and now it’s time for PUBG Corp to fix the things you asked for.”

Fix PUBG has its own website – including a development roadmap, fix information and a Q&A section. The developer says the site will be “fully focused” on bug fixes, “fundamental” performance issues, and needed game quality improvements. PUBG Corp did not say how long the campaign would last, but pledged to be clear and transparent in the process.

They went on to say, “Throughout the Fix PUBG campaign, we will be sharing details of what the team is working on and the estimated time it will take to resolve the issues. Then we will fulfill our promise.”


Fix PUBGDespite the huge number of plays, the overall rating of PUBG on Steam at the time of writing is only average. Those who promote the game say that the game needs further “fixing”.

First, Fix PUBG will improve the body’s “cross-limb damage”, and plan to add a “sharp” configuration, the ability to mute teammates in the game, the ability to adjust the FPS limit and optimize transform the game with color blind mode and other things.

In addition, PUBG Update #19 on PC has been released. Full details can be viewed here.

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