Hearthstone’s latest one-turn-kill combo gives pro players a headache

There are few things a loyal Hearthstone player loves more than opening the expansion pack and diving into finding and performing the toughest combos. Last time in The Witchwood, it was the Shudderwock combo that drains endlessly (and sucks some brains out of the player who does it), this combo was discovered on the very first day of the expansion and is still played to this day. relatively common. But it’s hard to point to any combos that are both confusing and brain-damaging like the one-turn-kill combo using Test Subject, discovered on the very first day of The Boomsday Project, a combo that requires computational power. super, not only in terms of the cards required for the combo, but also the order in which the combo is executed.

Describing this combo is extremely difficult (because you have to understand it first), and you are unlikely to be able to do it even if you look at the implementation guide below. It’s basically a Priest deck that uses the new 1 mana minion Test Subject and the 0 mana card Topsy Turvy. Created by reddit user u/PrepCoinConcede (never Prepare then Coin…), the picture below depicts what happens in ONE turn to successfully execute the combo.

Test Subject with the Deathrattle effect returns any spell played on it to your hand, just like Paladin’s Primalfin Champion (a minion completely forgotten in Journey to Un’Goro). Topsy Turvy is a card that reverses the attack and health of a minion, and your goal here is to cast a lot of spells on the Test Subject, then kill it with Topsy Turve (since the Test Subject has 0 attack) and get it. Add a bunch of hand spells. More specifically, you need 2 Radiant Elementals to reduce the cost of spells, a Vivid Nightmare card (summons a copy of our minion for 1 health), a Divine Spirit (doubles the health of a minion) and finally, one Stonetusk Boar to punch an opponent in the face. And the preparation phase is over, now the “crazy” begins.

636688330824775227 - Emergenceingame

If you’re a genius, you might already have an idea of ​​what we’re going to do with these cards. The steps to take start with playing Divine Spirit, Vivid Nightmare and Topsy Turvy on the Test Subject. Test Subject #1 will die, returning all spells in your hand, and leaving a #2 Test Subject at 0/1 with Divine Spirit played on it. You will continue to repeat playing those 3 spells on Test Subject #2, and you continue to receive double the number of spells played in your hand, creating a 3rd Test Subject on the table. In theory, you could do this loop endlessly, and would get endless Divine Spirit and Topsy Turvy.

But of course you don’t have time to do it forever, and doing it forever is also useless without the 1/1 pig with Charge. Of course when on the field, its stats are only 1/1, but it won’t take long before it hits 1/32 (or more health) with the Divine Spirit cards obtained. Play Topsy Turvy and you have a 32/1 Charge minion. Is there Taunt on the opponent’s table? Cast some Vivid Nightmare on your pig and you’ll clear the way without too much trouble towards your ultimate goal: punching in the face!

To do the above steps correctly and completely is indeed difficult, extremely difficult, almost impossible for many players. While this combo is definitely lethal if done right, it only takes one wrong step and the plan will fall apart. You easily have no control over which spells are played on the Test Subject, as it only takes about 4th of the spells to fill your hand, and you will most likely lose one of the two important cards. Vivid Nightmare or Topsy Turvy. And above all, even if you calculate very well, it is unlikely that you will be able to take all those steps in the short 75 seconds of your turn. And even for professional players, seeing the burning wire in the middle of a complicated turn is extremely stressful and very difficult to overcome.

All these difficulties aside, Twitch streamers, especially Jeffrey “Trump“Shih, played this one-turn-kill Priest deck, after he created it before the expansion actually started (theorycraft). However, he also missed the chance to win many matches because of the wrong execution of the steps. step or timed out. Trump does not hesitate to summarize the unfortunate mistakes on his Youtube channel, even putting it at the top of the page so that anyone can easily see it. Watching Trump fail is also quite interesting, but one thing is for sure, many players will never want to try playing this deck…

Some other pro players are a bit more successful than Trump, among them Dog, who played this deck for most of the first day and achieved a win rate of about 50%. However, according to statistics made by, the Test Subject deck only has a very low win rate, below 30%, and obviously inexperienced players absolutely should not play it. Unless you are willing to lose 9 games in a row to successfully pull off the 10th match combo and still feel satisfied…

636688328235189935 - Emergenceingame

Whatever you think of this Legendary meme card, its combo idea is very clear and consistent, and when combo decks use Mecha’thun, it is more perfect in terms of drawing, defending and playing Mecha’ elastic, does not rule out the possibility that it will become a new Shudderwock (which was also initially evaluated as having no actual value in Constructed). Any opportunity to inflict endless damage on the table (even surpassing Ice Block) deserves careful consideration.

Are we underestimating the one-turn-kill ability of decks playing Mecha’thun? Streamers have had great success playing Druid or even Warlock, classes that are able to draw cards and kill their own monsters.

So what’s less interesting and less interactive: an endless amount of magic resources created by endlessly killed gnomes, or Malfurion picking up all the cards in his deck and assassinating his own Mecha’thun with Innervate and Naturalize? Would you like to try one of the two decks mentioned above? Anyway, remember, restrain yourself for the first few weeks, as well as be prepared to encounter a lot of new but equally monstrous things when climbing the rank. Wishing you all survival through The Boomsday Project meta…

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