Too harshly criticized by the people, Gears 5 re-opened in China

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As one of the most anticipated blockbusters this year, it’s easy to see why the world Chinese gamers was extremely indignant when he heard about the Steam version of Gear 5 suddenly banned in this country. Yesterday, a bombardment of negative reviews by Chinese players took place, causing the game’s rating to drop seriously. Obviously, all are aimed at the release stage because the quality of the game is nothing to blame, even highly appreciated by experts.


Explaining the reason why Gear 5 was removed in the country of billions of people, The Coalition’s Senior Community Manager previously only said that it was due to “some unexpected troubles”, but specifically, no one knew what was going on. know. Some people guessed because of China’s strict censorship policy, others said that Valve’s cooperation with Perfect World to release an independent Steam version in China made the situation more and more chaotic.

Whatever the reason, fortunately, it was resolved. In the latest announcement posted last night, a representative of The Coalition said: “We are pleased to announce that Gear 5 is now available in Mainland China. All pre-order deals will be added to your Steam account. Thank you for waiting patiently for us.”


Since the announcement was made, Chinese gamers have begun to re-evaluate the game on Steam. With a game as top-notch as Gear 5, it won’t be long before its rating increases again. Gear 5 was released on September 10 for both PC and Xbox One.​

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