Come to respect the love story of the “sisters” of the League of Legends couple, the difference is almost half an armor

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People often say “Love each other, love the whole way”, so in love stories the issues of geographical distance, status or even age seem to become irrelevant. That’s why there are love stories that are so admirable and worthy of respect.

The love story of the couple born in 1995 and the guy born in 2000 in the sharing below is a typical example of such love beyond age. Despite the large age difference, the couple’s love story still makes many people “gato” heavy. Indeed, “no one can stop the heart when it has fallen in love”, once the heart has fluttered, age is no longer a barrier.

It is known that the couple has a predestined relationship and love each other thanks to the game League of Legends, so far have spent 10 months together passionately. Remembering the fate that helped me meet “half”, Ngoc Huyen – also the female lead in the story shared: “Remember that time when I played solo queue, my lover at that time also fought alone, and the two have met under such circumstances. Nothing will happen if the next game he doesn’t befriend me and invite me to play together. Texting back and forth, he asked for his facebook and we started talking from there.


Although she is 5 years older than her lover, Ngoc Huyen still calls her boyfriend with a loving name – “Brother”. And conversely, although he was younger, he proved to be an extremely psychological and gallant son. It was his caring actions from the little things that made the “sister” suddenly realize one day she was shaken.

“The time we faced each other was also when I knew that he was only in 11th grade, and I was in 4th year of university. He called me sister, and I called him brother. I usually come home late from playing games, sometimes at 4am. He often calls, texts to remind him to come back early, to take care of his health. I don’t understand why at that time each of his messages and calls made me so emotional. Maybe it was too long ago that I was not loved and cared for, so when he came, I fell in his arms so easily.


Only 2 weeks of talking to each other, playing games together, he said “I think I love you, sister”. At that time, I was very happy, I texted back “me too”. And the two fell in love from that day on.

Because I’m in Hai Duong, and he’s in Phu Xuyen Hanoi, so we only met once every 2 weeks, and so many emotions were pent up on that day. I woke up at 3:30 am to take the shuttle bus at 4 o’clock to Giap Bat bus station to meet him. Arrived at 6 o’clock, almost every time had to wait for him 2 hours to come out. While waiting for me to sit and mutter, curse, swear to live and die, I encountered punches, kicks, slaps, bites of all kinds to make me angry because I waited every time, but when he appeared in front of me, I could only run to hug him. .


Just like that, we’ve been dating for 6 months, because I’m in my final year, studying as an English teacher, so my plan after finishing school is to apply to teach in my hometown. But when I met him, everything changed, I earnestly asked my parents to let me go to Hanoi to apply for a job with the hope that it would be closer to him and easier to meet. My parents agreed, I picked up my backpack and left, hoping not to make a mistake when choosing to wait for him. Although no one believes that we can go a long way together. I’m not sure about that either, but I will love with all my heart so that I won’t regret it anyway.”


Listening to the sharing about the love story with the difficulties that the couple has been going through together, and the plans for the future, her love makes everyone secretly feel admire and admire. Hopefully with our sincere love, our couple will always be happy with their current love and hold hands to come to the most fulfilling ending!​

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