To lure children to download the game, the FIFA developer made the whole community angry

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Recently Electronic Arts – “boss” behind the series FIFA The hit is facing criticism from the community for its ads in the wrong place and right audience. Especially, this publisher has blatantly advertised game loading right in the magazine of Smyths Toys – a children’s toy company.​


The in-store magazine Smyths Toys (UK) recently ran an ad around the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 21. The ad lists four steps to play Ultimate Team, where the second step is ‘using FIFA Points to open service packs’. For those who don’t know, FIFA Points is a virtual currency that EA sells exclusively for Ultimate Team mode.

This ad was captured and shared by Twitter user AllFifaMistakes with the hashtag #ThisIsntOK. With the same message, another user also shared that the Smyths Toys store is now also placing ads using FIFA Points and wallet recharges specifically for the PlayStation Store. Immediately, these images caused a negative reaction on both Twitter as well as other forums like Reddit. EA is accused of “normalizing in-game purchases with children” in an unethical manner


In recent years, children have continuously used their parents’ bank cards and e-wallets to buy in-game items without being fully aware of their behavior. If not detected in time, parents can lose tens, even hundreds of millions of dong. That’s why advertising to load games, buy loot box in the game appeared in the children’s toy magazine really made many players feel outraged. Temporarily EA has not yet commented on the above incident.​

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