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Galactic Battleship is a game RTS

Meeting the Battleship for the first time Galaxy, players will think this is a product… shoot flies. But gamers who hope that they will “have to” play a fly-shooting game are completely wrong. Battleship Galaxy belongs to genre RTS (tactic real time), a series of games that require players to use their “brain” more than their hands.


Usually, players are too familiar with RTS products that exploit the theme of the Three Kingdoms or medieval war. Therefore, the appearance of the Milky Way Battleship is like a strange chorus in a familiar epic. It’s still the same genre, the same gameplay, but the content and exploitation of the plot, context as well as the gamers’ approach to space have been completely different.


The Milky Way Battleship is very light, suitable for all configurations

Although using the spatial context The universe immense, but the Galactic Warship is relatively light, because the visual material that the game uses is not the vast darkness out there, but space stations, large-scale and monumental warships. In addition, with the use of a 2D graphics platform, which is “tailored” with RTS products, the Galaxy Battleship has become lighter and lighter.


However, although it is light, the display quality of the Milky Way Battleship is not sloppy. Every detail about the context, battleship, space station or the scale of the battles is also relatively carefully and thoughtfully invested. Especially the effects of smoke, fire, explosion when the battles in the game broke out, although they could not satisfy the player’s eyes, but enough to make gamers satisfied.


Building an empire in the Galactic Warship is not easy

In the world of Galactic Battleship, players will almost get lost in the maze of battle. Because, the necessary elements to build the Milky Way Battleship are extremely large, true to the nature of a fantasy game set in the universe. However, just through a few small instructions, gamers will understand what they need to do.


What facilities to build, how to expand the space station or how to defend and attack … all need to be clearly planned in the development strategy of gamers. Players cannot just focus on expanding the occupation area by organizing the invasion of neighboring space stations and forget about the arrangement of their defense system.


Because, conflicts in the Galactic Battleship take place often. The player can be the subject of the invasion, but can also be the victim of counterattacks from countless opponents around. The vast universe, the vast galaxy, to be hegemony in the world of the Galactic Warship requires a cool head with clear and lucid calculations.


In addition to defense and counterattack, building and recreating the necessary facilities are also extremely important factors. It will not be possible to deploy their strategy if the player ignores important stages such as expanding the area, building facilities, upgrading warships, training warriors… Those are all jobs. what a leader should do and always plan as clearly as possible.


The ecosystem of the Milky Way Battleship is quite rich

In addition to the above factors, players can also participate in soldier training courses or participate in the battle in the subsystem to collect more materials to complete the process of upgrading their warship.​

In general, the Galactic Warship has a lot of mysteries, true to what the vast universe out there is. It is a challenge for humans as well as a challenge for players. If you want to master the galaxy, try the Galactic Battleship once. This game will be released in mid-May with the giftcode Valuable rookies for players.​

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