League of Legends: 5 types of ADC players you’ll encounter in solo queue

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1. Blame


This is gamer type Players are always unhappy with everything and are willing to blame their teammates, no matter what they do. Whether you are a support but accidentally kill soldiers or go a little away from them, you are sure to receive a lot of bad words from these people. Type gamer He also often blames everything and pushes his teammates into unnecessary arguments.

The best is turn off chat their immediate response to these problems. It makes your chat box a lot more peaceful, without having to endure the toxic and it also helps you and your teammates feel more comfortable and continue to enjoy the game.

2. Going solo


You can easily recognize players like this because they often separate from their team and always want to end the game on their own. These players are usually quite skilled, know how to dodge enemy skills or handle champions well. However, because they went separately, they were often caught alone because their teammates could not reach and save them. When situations like this happen, your team will be in a bad situation because if fight would be 4v5.

When you have this type of player on your team, the best solution is to move and take action around that person. Because if you keep getting caught, your team will lose very quickly.

3. Likes to show off


This type of player always wants to rush into battle, deal the most damage at all costs and have no intention of backing down. In their opinion, getting into teamfights is the best way to play AD, and the right placement is almost non-existent.

If you have these teammates, always prepare to rush in with them, don’t let your AD die in vain because of being left behind. Otherwise, your team will always have to play at a disadvantage.

4. Too shy


Contrary to “show” players, this type of player thinks AD is very weak in the early game and anyone can take them down easily. That’s why they always try their best to avoid early game teamfights and just focus on farming. It is because of this mentality that will make them unable to deal any appropriate amount of damage to the enemy and not have the gold to build the necessary items early in the game.

It’s best not to expect that they will move in sync with the rest of the team whenever in combat. Presumably, their teammates will have to shield these ADs as much as possible before they have the guts to deal damage.

5. Silent Hero


Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to meet some incredible players. Their farm stats are extremely good, not to mention the precise placement and skill kills, even the build is excellent, in short, it’s impeccable. Even if the game goes bad or they get knocked down, the silent hero players don’t blame or communicate too much, they simply try to do their job well.

When you meet such gamers, just let them do what they want, don’t try to “teach” them because it will only backfire.​

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