Tips to play Auto Chess Mobile VN for newbies

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Auto Chess Mobile is a strategy game released from Drodo Studio. The game has created a lot of buzz in the gaming industry and brought a series of games to follow, now Auto Chess VN has been widely released on Android and iOS. Here’s what new players should do to get used to the game.

Auto Chess VN Mobile Keep your PC playing style when you start with 1 gold. In Auto Chess VN, you will have to buy pieces with the gold you collect and place them in an 8×8 chess board. After a turn, 5 new pieces will appear and you can buy them.

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How to play Auto Chess Mobile for beginners.

Currently Auto Chess Mobile has versions for Android and iOS, you can download the game version suitable for you:

– Load Auto Chess VN for iPhone.
– Load Auto Chess VN for Android.

Rules of Auto Chess Mobile

– Each match consists of 8 players.
– Each player must defend against minions and other players by placing their pieces on the board.
– You have 100 health, if you lose 1 round you will be deducted points, if you attack someone else wins, you will deal damage to the opponent. When you run out of blood, you lose, the last person alive is the winner.

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Resources in Auto Chess Mobile

– Experience and Gold will be earned after each battle.
– You get enough Experience to upgrade your Courier and can add more pieces to your chessmen, the higher you have Courier level, the more powerful pieces appear in your purchasable champion table.
– You can use Gold to add experience to help level up faster or use Gold to roll – exchange 5 other pieces without waiting for the next round.

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Chess pieces in Auto Chess Mobile

– All players can choose pieces, the number of pieces is common to all 8 players.
– 3 similar pieces will upgrade to that piece of higher level.
– The chess pieces will have their own Clan and Job, getting enough pieces of the same Clan or Job will activate effects for them.

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Game round

Each round will have 3 stages:

Prepare: the player adds pieces to his board, buys new pieces, combines pieces and equipment.

– Fight: you will watch other players attack your area, you win when you take down all of the opponent’s pieces. You will fight monsters in turns 1,2,3,5,10,15,20,25,… Defeating monsters will drop equipment for pieces.

End: whoever kills the opponent on their board, the remaining pieces will be converted to damage.


In special rounds, players will fight monsters, defeating monsters will drop equipment for pieces:

– Round 1: ent squad
– Round 2: ent crusader
– Round 3: ent archon
– Round 10: rock golem
– Round 15: wolf pack
– Round 20: lethal ursa
– Round 25: wild wing reaper
– Round 30: thunder hide
– Round 35: black dragon king
– Round 40: glacier clan
– Round 45: nian beast
– Round 50: Roshan

Level and experience

Players will start at level 1, each round gives you 1 experience, you can buy 4 experience for 5 gold. Increasing the level can let you use more pieces and rare pieces will appear more.


– All pieces in the shop are 1 star, the shop will refresh pieces every round.
– Players can exchange new pieces by using 2 gold to roll.
– Players can lock the shop to keep the troops from reaching the next round.
Above are the basic things that players should know to play Auto Chess Mobile, you can see more How to farm gold and combine Auto Chess Mobile troops here.

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