How to get Free Fire Diamonds for free 2023

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Free Fire players all know the importance of diamonds, a virtual currency in the game, which can be used to buy items and weapons to equip the character. In addition to how to recharge to buy diamonds, will reveal to you some other ways to get free Free Fire Diamonds 2023.

Diamond and gold are 2 virtual currencies in Free Fire. However, unlike gold, players cannot receive diamonds through daily login or normal game play. Even so, there are some how to get Free Fire Diamonds for free 2023 that players can refer to without spending real money to buy.

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Instructions to get free FF 2023 diamonds

How to get Free Fire Diamonds for free 2023

1. Invite friends to subscribe to TikTok

Some social networking platforms like TikTok often have a program to refer friends to register for an account to receive rewards. These rewards vary by program. Participants can get free cash, coupons or Free Fire Diamonds.

The way to participate in these programs to get Free Fire Diamonds for free is quite simple. You just need to send the referral code to your friends and relatives. When these people create an account on TikTok and enter the referral code, you and that person both receive Free Fire diamonds. The number of free Free Fire diamonds for each referral is quite small, but if you invite a lot of people, this number will increase significantly.

2. Sign up for a Free Fire membership package

One way to get free 2023 Free Fire Diamonds that players can do is to sign up for a Free Fire membership package on a weekly or monthly basis.

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When signing up for the Free Fire membership package, players will be given an instant amount of diamonds and recurring diamonds every day for the next week or month, along with many other gifts worth hundreds of diamonds.

However, with this way of getting free Free Fire Diamonds, there is a condition that you have to pay a cash amount and have to wait at least a week to receive all the Free Fire diamonds that are included.

3. Join the Top Up program

Top Up is a promotion program organized by Free Fire periodically every month. When participating in this program, gamers have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards such as exclusive skins, characters, pets, gift bundles and especially free Free Fire diamonds.

How to pay FF ​​2023 for free?

Players only need to buy a certain package of diamonds to receive a free amount of Free Fire diamonds 1.5 to 2 times the amount of diamonds just bought. For example, if you buy 1000 diamonds in the 100% Top Up event, you will receive 1000 diamonds and 1000 Free Fire diamonds for free.

4. Find errors on the Advance Server test server

Free Fire is a game that regularly has updates that bring new features to gamers. However, these features may not be fully optimized and cause errors when updating to the official Free Fire server. To solve this, the creator of Free Fire provides another test server called Advance Server.

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All major Free Fire updates are made available to Advance Server. The developer encourages gamers to download and play Free Fire Advance Server and find out the bugs of the new update.

Players can both try out the new feature and receive free Free Fire diamonds. Depending on the bug, the player can get hundreds of Free Fire diamonds for free from the developer. This is considered one of the most attractive ways to get free Free Fire Diamonds 2023.

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5. Enter the redemption code

All mobile games have a program to issue codes to redeem rewards on special occasions or when there is an important eSports tournament. Free Fire is no exception.

free fire free fire 2023 free fire

Free Fire game code is quite diverse in rewards, players can receive gun skins, costumes, pets and even Free Fire diamonds for free. The duration of the Free Fire diamond code is limited, so players need to enter the code as soon as possible.

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6. Use survey apps, answer questions

Some mobile apps like Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay App, Booyah!, … give players top-up cards, credits when participating in online surveys or contests.

These are all legitimate, highly reputable apps that gamers can trust, and can use the rewards from these apps to buy free Free Fire diamonds in the game.

=> Download link Poll Pay here.
=> Download link Google Opinion Rewards here.
=> Download link Easy Rewards here.

7. Watch livestream on Instagram, YouTube

Many Instagram pages and YouTube channels specializing in Free Fire often organize events to give away free Free Fire diamonds when watching livestreams. You just need to subscribe to these channels and watch the streaming shows that happen periodically. If you are lucky, you have a chance to get hundreds of Free Fire diamonds in just a few hours.
Owning diamonds is not difficult if you follow the ways to get free Free Fire Diamonds 2023 mentioned above. You can combine the above ways to get a lot of Free Fire diamonds for free in a short time. Good luck!

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