How to play EverWing on Messenger Mobile – Easy to shoot, easy to play, easy to win

EverWing Mobile 640 - Emergenceingame

EverWing has continued to storm the Facebook community during the past few days, thanks to its simple gameplay, no installation required, and can be played right on Facebook Messenger. You can play, invite friends to play on computers, phones, tablets anytime, anywhere.

But playing on Mobile has an advantage over the computer that is easier to play, easy to shoot and much easier to win. Please refer to how to play EverWing on Messenger Mobile:

Instructions for playing EverWing above Facebook Messenger phone

Step 1: If someone else has invited you to play in Facebook Messenger messages, just press the button Play now is comfortable to experience the game EverWing is causing storms. After that, you can challenge your friends to beat your existing score.

Friends invited to play EverWingChallenge

Still no one invited, you can access EverWing to play the plane shooting game. Immediately the system will ask you to login Facebook Messenger, press Continue as …. To confirm. At the Facebook Messenger interface you will see EverWing texting, click the button Play and wait a while to load the game.

GamingWait for the game to load

Step 2: Next, press the button Play now to start this shooting game experience. EverWing has a fairly simple gameplay, you just need to move to the left, to the right and the system will automatically fire.

Play nowGame controls

Step 3: Your mission is to destroy flying monsters before they crash into you, and then collect gold coins and support items in each flight. Occasionally there will be birds that fly very quickly, if they cannot be destroyed, they must be dodged.

EverWing game interfaceCharts

Step 4: EverWing also provides you with a dragon egg system, and then a dragon. You conduct training and upgrading dragons to make them stronger and stronger.

In addition, it also depends on your agility and dexterity. You can also refer to EverWing tips for newbies, the secret to getting high scores in EverWing.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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