Instructions to get the Ruiner shooter for free

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Ruiner is the most awaited shooting game at the end of 2019 with top-notch gameplay and graphics. Players can own Ruiner completely for free in the first week of the game’s launch on the Epic Games Store in an extremely simple way.

Ruiner is a shooting game with an extremely eye-catching Cyberpunk setting. Set in the year 2091, a dark time for mankind, the game has an extremely appreciated storyline with violent action elements that are perfectly incorporated into the plot making the game extremely content. deep. The game’s graphics are also amazing when it comes to building an extremely rich world displayed through the Isometric Camera.

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How to get free Ruiner game

Step 1: Own an Epic Games Store account, if you don’t have one, proceed Create an Epic Games account here.

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Step 2: Download Ruiner for free on Epic Games Store here: Download Ruiner

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Ruiner will be free above Epic Games Store from November 7 to November 14, only one week, after that, gamers will have to buy the game for $ 10.
For those who love action games combined with shooting, you can’t ignore Ruiner, a game with a depth of content with a compelling storyline combined with excellent gameplay that will make you hooked. , you can watch another blockbuster coming soon Diablo IV is about to be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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