How to earn recovery items in BTS World

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Help BTS members recover from completing a series of agency missions by earning valuable restoration items in the BTS World game.

In BTS World, players have the right to assign agency tasks to the members of the BTS group to increase the stats for the whole group. However, completing too many agency tasks will cause members to exhausted health and need to recover with Recuperation Item.

Each member has only 3 recovery items that you can earn and use in BTS World. You will earn these special items while playing BTS World, but there are also tips to get them more often.

The best way is to complete the quests of each chapter. Choose the photo card best suited to the task, for example if the task requires stamina and passion, choose the card with the highest level of stamina and passion.

After completing the mission, players will receive gold and recovery items. Usually, this item will be made public before you begin the quest.

How to earn Recuperation Item in the game BTS World
How to earn Recuperation Item in the game BTS World

Some other methods of earning recovery items in BTS World are to buy them with gems. You can earn gems during the game or buy with real money. Of course, the game also has recovery packages available for players who are afraid to plow, starting from $ 1.99.

To provide a recovery item for each member, open the Agency tab and tap on their profile picture. If there is a recovery item, tap on the item and then select Gift to deliver to the member. The item will be immediately applied to the member and improved status immediately.

Stay in perfect condition for the helpful BTS members so they can complete many Agency tasks for you. Therefore, the player needs to earn as many recovery items as possible. Actively “plow” the tasks in each chapter or if your economy is low, you can buy item packages in the Shop to get the best results when playing BTS World.

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