Tips to fix common mistakes in League of Legends

Error code Phenomena How to fix the error League of Legends Error Code 004 Usually happens when the game Client does not download enough files. When you click OK, LOL will Close and continue to restart. Please check your Internet connection, see if the hard drive containing the game has enough space as required. Error 7 Riot’s server is overloaded, and is causing the player count to constantly have disconnect or rating problems. Due to this problem from the Riot side there is nothing the player can do in this case! Continuously Connect again to try your luck! League of Legends Error 1B The player cannot log into the game, although other programs are still open normally. Most likely this is the problem of the Internet service provider – ISP Try running game League Garena under Administrator, or Repair client game again. Under maintenance error Mostly happens to those who play LOL games on Linux platforms. Try repairing League client game, or delete the file RiotClientServices.old and ucrtbase.dll before running the game. Unexpected Error With Login Session Login time is too long, has not been processed while players continue to log in again. Open Task Manager, turn off all League related Tasks. If not, repair the Client. Error: 0xc0000005 The system automatically prevents people from logging in by denying the connection from the client side. Common with LOL on Windows PCs. Try to exit all Garena, then reopen it under Administrator, or delete the entire League game and download, reinstall from scratch A critical error has occurred Serious error occurs when other programs and software have features that override LOL, making the player unable to log in or returning to the game after exiting the Desktop. Other similar programs like Steam, Origin, or Discord should be disabled. Unexpected Login Error Or it happens that the Internet connection is not stable, the player cannot download the latest version information and login to the Client. Try to turn off, turn on Wifi again, reset the Router when necessary. If the problem persists, contact your Internet service provider. Unknown direct x error DirectX version information is corrupted, causing instability to the graphics of the PC, Laptop. Try deleting the game.cfg file in Lien Minh game folder, and update the latest VGA driver for your computer. League of Legends Error Code 002 Similar to the error 404, the player cannot log into the game via the client. Check the free space of the drives, turn off the anti-virus program, firewall … The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Usually happens with computers using a series of Ghosts, or installed from unknown installers Update Windows or use the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

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