Instructions to receive giftcode CrossFire Zero and how to enter

CF Zero

CrossFire Zero Just released not long ago and there are a lot of coupon codes for gamers to experience this game early. The following article will guide you how to enter the code in the game CF Zero.

CF Zero

Instructions to enter the code (coupon) and how to receive them in CrossFire Zero

Enter the coupon code

Coupon codes in CF Zero as well as many other games, provide players with different rewards. From equipment, weapons, inventory to zCoin … To receive rewards with these codes, we do the following:

First, on the main screen of the game you select the code on the right of the screen as shown below

select the code entry on the right

Next, select the next button Coupons.

Click on the Coupon button

The browser window will open, enter the code in the box and press the button Register.


If the code is entered successfully, the coupon will be saved. To use them, you need to press the button Use Coupon below.

nhap code CF zero 5 - Emergenceingame

The last step, go to the game and check your mailbox to see if you have received the gift by clicking the mail icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

nhap code CF zero 4 - Emergenceingame

How to get coupon code

Since the game is just released, the amount of code is quite limited. As well as the number of players who receive these codes is quite modest. Currently, gamers can receive coupon codes through 2 main channels

Please pay attention to follow these 2 community channels to receive the code. Note that each time the code is distributed is quite limited and almost one-time code, so you need to be quick to receive the gifts in the coupon.

Wish you all success!

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