Instructions for building the formation of the Magician – Star Guardians of the Communist Party version 10.13


Hello everyone, stay Truth Arena version 10.13 This time, the roster was not “touched” by Riot in the update Mage – Star Guardian. Below are the updated details and instructions on building the latest team of Mages – Star Guardians of the CCP.

Guardians - Mages at the latest CCP

Accompanying that is a decrease in power Master Yi:

Master Yi slightly decreased his power

So a true damage deck when there is an appearance Janna already powerful will now be even more powerful in this version. Today EmergenceInGame will guide you to build a squad of Mages – Guardians of the Star to climb rank in version 10.13.

1. Start the match:

In the early rounds of the game, you have to prioritize blood because this is a pretty paper squad in the early game. For 1 gold we will have Zoe, Twisted Fate, Poppy are the top picks at the start of the match.

Zoe, Twisted Fate, Poppy

Trio “delicious – nutritious” Zoe, Twisted Fate, Poppy

After that the tastes 2 gold generals was Ahri and Nautilus. You ask him why is it Nautilus Well, because the downside of the mage formation is quite paper, there is a need for the tanking champion at the top.

Ahri, Natilus

Ahri and Nautilus couple

So we need to have more tanky champions and a decent selection 2 gold was Nautilus combined with Poppy to Activate the Tien Phong system and have more control.

If you can’t roll Nautilus Don’t worry, you just grab the cards Guardian was Rakan to activate Guardian generation / clan with Neeko both has additional resistances and also has a crowd control effect.



2. Mid match:

With EmergenceInGame point through the generals 3 gold and 4 gold in the mid game rounds.

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We have Neeko and Syndra at the level 3 gold and Soraka with Viktor at the level 4 gold.




In the middle of the match, Neeko is a pretty strong resilience card thanks to both having wide area stun skills and creating virtual armor if activated Guardian generation / clan.

Accompanied by CassiopeiaPlease replace it with the cards temporarily residing in the formation like Nautilus or Rakan To stimulate Us / Mystery clan with Soraka Please.


When the arrival of Viktor, the main damage is this card in the middle of the match. Install the anti-gear Neeko has to bring on the ring and the damage item will be Viktor in the front line.

3. End of the match:

At the end of the game, Janna appear.


Since the Holy Mother brought the Star Guardian formation from the constellation into the solar system, the true damage and control effects along with the attack speed buff were the special highlight that no champion could match. with Janna.

In addition, the most important thing is to turn the attack damage of the entire Star Guardians deck into true damage is the highlight of 5 money general this. Plus shaman Xerath And selling unnecessary cards, our lineup is complete.

5. The position of the cards:

According to the Masters from before to now on the mage formation, you just put all the generals on the bottom row of the ring and Neeko is right next to the row above.

Because our champions are mostly ranged and are mostly skillfuls to deal damage.

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Position of the Mage - Star Guardians

6. Equipments:

We have 1 tank and the rest are all damage and skill champions. Due to the characteristics of the mage formation that required magic and mana equipment, these were prioritized Xerath and Viktor.



The necessary equipment is: Shojin Spear, Blue, Gemstone Gauntlet, Witch Hat, Demon Book, Giant Extermination and comes with 1 buff item, Angel Armor or Trap Sweep.

Necessary equipment recommended

Refer to the Recommended Items

The rest of the other equipment such as damage resists should be paired with Neeko as a tank above.

7. Lineup evaluation:


Standard damage, a deck of cards to counter buffalo formations such as Pioneers, Gladiators.


Weak health, can’t overwhelm the opponent in the early game, and only really strong when all the cards are combined.


Priority should be given to leveling up and keeping the health of this lineup.

8. Overview:

This is a skill formation that requires equipment so you should use it on maps like Treasure Island or weapon empire.

Above is the instructions for building a squad of the Star Guardians combined with Mages (Witches) version 10.13 of the Truth Arena season 3 – Infinite Thien Ha.

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