Tips to download Fornite for iPhone despite Apple’s ban

As you all know due to a violation of the terms of contract with both Apple and Google, the game Fornite Epic Games has been “kicked” from App Store mixed Google Play Store. This causes many regrets for many players who “trot” their love for this battle royale game.

In the previous article, Game Fun has shown you how to “circumvent the law” to download Fornite on Android phones. Today, Game fun will tell you how to “bypass” Apple to give Fornite back to your “mobile phone”. Please refer.

Attention: This procedure is only done when Iphone the ones you have installed Fornite at least 1 time before.

First, you need to access the application App Store on Iphone. Next, click on the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen. On this personal account page, please click on the item Bought (Purchased).

Account iconClick Purchased

When the screen Bought appears, you will see a list of games or applications that you have ever purchased or you can always import Fornite the search box is fine. Next, click on the game Fornite in the returned result box

Results returnedFornite updates

After that, you will receive a notification to update the game to the latest version 13.40.1. Once the update is completed, you can start playing Fornite on Iphone as usual.

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