What games can Nintendo Switch Lite play? Together nShop find the answer

Seemingly simple and obvious, but many people are interested in what game Nintendo Switch Lite can play? Hot games like Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee or games that need motion sensors like Just Dance, 1-2 Switch, Arms … are they compatible or not? Today nShop will answer with you the above problem to avoid panic when preparing to buy Switch Lite!

What games can Nintendo Switch Lite play?

What games can Nintendo Switch Lite play?

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In response to the question of what game Nintendo Switch Lite can play, the company claims that more than 99% of the Switch titles on the list are more 1800 games are available support for Switch Lite. However, gamers still worry that the remaining 1% is not compatible with the Lite device, will it fall into the games that they want to play or not? Buying Switch Lite is not a big deal, but if you can’t play Pokémon Sword & Shield, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or some other hot games, now $ 100 difference is worth thinking about.

Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld Console

What games can Nintendo Switch Lite play or are similar to Nintendo Switch?

But rest assured because:

The other 1% is still playable, it’s just that Nintendo wants to avoid unnecessary lawsuits

The rate is lower than 1%, the rest of Switch games are not compatible with Switch Lite, including titles like Nintendo Labo, 1-2 Switch, Super Mario Party, Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing, Just Dance … with what you imagine. In fact, if you ask what game Nintendo Switch Lite can play, the company can completely increase it to 100% Nintendo games are playable as long as you buy a pair of Joy-small odd.

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all Nintendo game Switch Lite

However, this issue is related to user experience. A game that specializes in music, motion like Just Dance will greatly reduce your experience. Or a game like Ring Fit Adventure will be difficult to satisfy you when using the tiny Switch Lite screen instead of the TV when playing with Joy-con. This also causes many problems later if users sue Nintendo for the game trailer ads are not realistic (Switch titles released trailers before Switch Lite is on sale).

Don’t worry what game the Nintendo Switch Lite can play, but be sure to see if it’s okay for handheld games!

So rest assured, Switch Lite plays almost 100% of Switch games. The reason is that from the very beginning of the Nintendo Switch development, the company has upheld the criterion that regardless of the game, it is compatible with all game modes: They will not be abandoned by traditional gamers. Like to sit but not so that lose creativity with the motion sensor games. The best way to achieve both is to design a meticulously designed input and output layout that is easiest for the developer.

What games can Nintendo Switch Lite play?

Therefore, do not worry too much which game Nintendo Switch Lite can play, but you should pay attention to whether the game is good for handheld games. For example, some games like Super Mario Maker, if you build a screen, it feels more difficult on a small screen than on a TV. Games like Let’s Go Pikachu are completely safe because in addition to the design of tossing the ball with Joy-con, Nintendo also allows players to press the button instead of throwing the ball.

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Hopefully, through this article, you will no longer worry about questions about what game Nintendo Switch Lite can play and whether you are picky about games! In fact, the Nintendo Switch Lite configuration is exactly the same as the Nintendo Switch 2019 so rest assured of cheap price but absolute quality. For games with a handheld logo on the back of the tape box (See below) will make sure that the play is good and the good experience on Switch Lite that you can refer to:

Nintendo Switch Lite handheld icon

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