Werewolf Among Us: Among Us’s hot copy

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As reported by the South China Morning Post, Werewolf Among Us, a clone of China’s globally popular game, Among Us, topped the App Store ‘free games’ chart on November 2.

Reproduced or remade video games are very popular in China, as many Western games are unavailable or have been delayed in the region. Tencent has become a regional giant with games like Honor of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite having long dominated the rankings.

Among Us’s copy tops the download charts in China

The duplicated games are no stranger to the Chinese, including games like Honor of Kings (League of Legends) and Knives Out (PUBG).

Werewolf Among Us

According to Qimai’s data, Among Us is the tenth most downloaded game in the region with over 885,000 downloads despite not having any Chinese language support for the game. However, Werewolf Among Us achieved even more staggering growth in the region after being released by Shenzhen Youliang Technology on October 28th. The game had more than 478,000 downloads on the App Store compared to 112,000. Honor of Kings downloads and 111,000 Peacekeeper Elite downloads, according to Qimai data.

Although copying the map and gameplay mechanics from the original game, Werewolf Among Us takes place in a medieval castle instead of Among Us’s spaceship.

Zheng Jintiao, co-founder of online media outlet GamerBoom, said:

“For any games like Among Us, as long as they have a Chinese language option, a download will be guaranteed no matter how bad the game is,”

However, Zheng also went on to add:

“But I don’t think this kind of game will be copied by the big companies because it’s hard to make money in China.”

As such, it looks like Werewolf Among Us will have better days ahead as the community in China turns it into a mainstream game.

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