Tips for playing This War of Mine for newbies

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The following article will give some tips to play This War of Mine for newbies, this game is being given away for free on the Epic Games Store, this War of Mine is a survival game developed by 11 bit studios. , the game won many major awards in 2014.

This War of Mine is not only a simple survival game, but it also changes the perception of game players about this genre even though it is just a low-budget indie game with not too eye-catching graphics. Highly appreciated by gamers and won many prestigious awards, This War of Mine is not an easy game to play as many people still think that low-graphics game, the gameplay will be easy. Taimienphi would like to give you some tips for playing This War of Mine for newbies.

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Instructions for playing This War of Mine

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Tips for playing This War of Mine for newbies

Make sure to collect all the items at the shelter

The first place you set foot in is also the shelter for all members in the entire game until the civil war ends, you will have to rebuild this place for the members to survive day by day. . And it’s nice that in the ruins from this dilapidated house you will find a lot of valuable items from building materials, healing items and even food.

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You’ll have all of that for free without having to rush your members into jeopardy. These are like items for you to start the game more easily that 11 bit studios cleverly put in. So spend as much time as you can to collect all the items at the shelter.

Limit putting characters in dangerous situations

At the beginning of the game, everything is very scarce and every night you will control a few characters to go out of the city in search of more necessities. Surely any player will want to earn as many items as possible. Remember that you also don’t have weapons to equip the characters to defend themselves, so the most important thing at the beginning of the game is to limit the character’s exposure to dangerous situations if you don’t want your character. leave quickly.

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Feeling that there is too much danger around, feeling that you cannot go any further, do not be reckless, retreat and come back the next night, maybe you will have better luck because the danger has been significantly reduced. tell. Don’t try to dump everything you can find into your character’s inventory because the inventory is limited, early game focus on materials like wood and metal used to build fireplaces, beds, and workshops. Neccessary. Focusing on medicine and food instead of guns and ammunition, the characters need those things to survive instead of killing weapons that can make members depressed leading to suicide.

Wait until the character is really hungry

The main food and necessities are the most limited at the beginning of the game because you are not able to produce them right away, but can only rely on collecting outside the city. Be as frugal as possible, the members all have hunger and thirst stats, they can die of thirst very quickly but don’t die easily when hungry. Wait until the characters are really hungry before feeding them, you will save a lot of food for later, not to mention while collecting items at night, the hunger stat will not affect the character , you can completely take advantage to earn more food now.

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Build enough beds for all members with a fireplace

This War of Mine has a weather mechanism in the game, the weather that you need to pay attention to especially when winter comes, it will be very cold and can go below zero, if you let the characters lie on the ground, they You can catch a cold and even die overnight. Try to build enough beds for all members, having a fireplace early for members to gather to warm up and talk to each other is also a priority. The extreme sub-zero conditions usually don’t last long but will also cost you a lot of resources and even the lives of your members if you are careless.

Let’s build a radio

The presence of a Radio in the game is extremely important, this is the only place to provide information that you have in this war because all communication with the outside world has been cut off. Check the radio regularly every day, you can get important information such as the city’s necessities are rapidly declining, there are many gangs of robbers on the street, there are planes dropping supplies. humanitarian aid to the city and it is possible that the war is about to come to an end.

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Prioritize the construction of metal, medicine and food workshops

No one wants to go into danger in search of necessities forever. If you can be self-sufficient in important items, it’s still best. Prioritize the construction of Workbenchs that produce 3 important necessities: metal, medicine, and food. Metal is used to make items as well as strengthen your shelter, medicine to prevent illness or ambulance when needed, food is definitely indispensable for many days.

Try to help those in need

During the game, you will meet a lot of other civilians who are in trouble, maybe hungry, maybe sick, injured. They will come to you for help and the choice to help them or not is up to you. But remember that the members of your shelter have been in the same situation, and they got through it through sharing love and helping each other.

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To survive the war together, try to help others, sometimes they will respond with valuable items, but more importantly, when you help them, your characters will feel joyful. and reduce the likelihood of depression. If you choose not to help others, it may lead to the death of this person, your members may think and suffer because of this, they may feel remorse and regret leading to depression. , a time when you can no longer control them. They will stop eating and drinking and even commit suicide because of guilt. The characters in the game are still just ordinary people, they are broken by the war and their hearts can be severely damaged.

Sacrifice Bruno

Bruno is one of 12 survivors you can encounter throughout the game. According to the reviews of many players, this is the worst member out of 12. He is a selfish, cowardly person and will never help others, if there is a conflict that leads to him leaving, Bruno will take some of your necessities with him. His advantage is that he is a good cook but in practice it is not necessary because anyone can cook for him.

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Let Bruno participate in collecting items at night, let him risk sacrifices, the other members may be a little sad but they will get over their sadness soon. Sorry Bruno, but this guy’s existence only makes the necessities worse and worse, 1 less person, 1 mouth less to eat.

The above are tips for playing This War of Mine for newbies, these are still just the most basic experiences to start this game, but hopefully through this article, you will have an easy start. more when playing This War of Mine and continue to draw more experience when coming to this survival game. In addition, you can refer to This War of Mine game configuration on your computer to see if your device is suitable.

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