What’s new in PUBG Lite 8/8 update?

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PUBG Lite 8/8 update is the latest updated version of the game on September 8, 2019, marking the official birth of the game’s Open Bate. This update has the appearance of 4vs4 match mode and Lite Pass system.

Team Deathmatch 4vs4 mode in PUBG Lite is quite similar to PUBG Mobile where you can play with a 4vs4 squad and destroy your opponent team to win, the more kills, the higher the win rate.


PUBG Lite Update August 8

PUBG Lite update content August 8, 2019

1. Team Deathmatch mode 4vs4
Now you can enjoy the same mode as PUBG Mobile in PUBG Lite, where you will be joined in a Duo or Squad with your enemy squad. This Team Deathmatch map contains a warehouse where you and your enemies spawn with all the weapons. The winning team is the team with the highest total K/D.

What are you doing at pubg lite 8 8?

2. Season 1 Lite Pass
PUBG Lite has started a new Season and season achievements are based on experience points, also known as Season Points. This season will start on August 8, 2019 and end on October 3, 2019. This season 1 is divided into Free and Prime Membership with corresponding rewards, similar to PUBG Mobile. You can buy this Pass with L-Coins (40 L-Coins = 1$).


There are a total of 7 Tiers or Levels divided in this Season Lite Pass. The respective tiers are as follows:
– Beginners: 5 levels from 1 to 800 Season Points.
– Novice: 5 levels from 1000 to 1800 Season Points.
– Experienced: 5 levels from 2000 to 2800 Season Points.
– Skilled: 5 levels from 3000 to 3800 Season Points.
– Specialist: 5 levels from 4000 to 4800 Season Points.
– Expert: When the player reaches 5000 Season Points.
– Survivor: Over 6000 Season Points.
You can unlock the Lone Survivor title in the leaderboard by reaching the Survivor level (over 6000 Season Points). The first 1000 players can unlock this title.


3. New quest system
– Daily tasks:
Players will receive 3 quests per day that can be changed 3 times a day. If the task is not completed, it will disappear the next day.
– Weekly missions:
Players can receive 10 dance quests per week (4 Free/6 Premium). These tasks are changed 5 times a week. If the quest remains unfinished by the end of the week, it will automatically disappear.
– Challenging missions:
Players will receive 5 different missions for 3 different weapons.


4. Other Updates
– A new special crate type has been added giving players more costumes and skins.
– Flare Gun Spawn Rate has been increased.
– Optimized network speed.
– Players can optimize their game memory in their own PC style.

Above are the details of the PUBG Lite 8/8 update, also known as the Open Beta PUBG Lite version, which was released on August 8, 2019. With the arrival of the Season 1 Lite Pass system and the mission system. The service promises to bring many interesting experiences for players. Also you can Play PUBG Lite on PC with just a few simple steps.

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