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6. Murder in the crowd


When at least 4 players are standing in the same place and one of them is stabbed to death, it is difficult to determine who is the killer. You, as Impostorshould take advantage of that.

So how do you get enough players in the same place? As the number of people dwindles, it will become increasingly difficult to find such a crowded area. But in the early game you can sabotage the reactor, with a little luck, many players will gather in one place to fix it. Pretend to run back to fix the reactor with them, wait a few seconds then act. Of course, don’t forget to look surprised.

7. Use the vent to kill many people


Much like a murder, you can use your sabotage skills to lure people away from the crime scene and prevent them from reporting the corpse. Want to do a multi-kill? Start by waiting for your victim inside a vent, then kill, sabotage, and return. After Crewmate fix the vandalism and your second victim comes in, jump out and kill them before they can report the corpse.

Note that this will only work in the early game and unlimited times, as your absence in the emergency area can generate attention.

8. Watch out for the camera


Impostors often ignore the presence of cameras on Skeld and Polus maps. A Crewmate watching the camera might see you killing someone, so be careful. You can see some cameras hanging on the wall of both maps. If you see a flashing red light, it means someone is following you. So don’t kill people in that location.

However, the camera can help you in some cases. Crewmates when viewing the camera will lose their vision, can’t see the people standing next to them, so if you see flashing red lights, quickly go to the camera room and take action. Moreover, you can pretend to be Crewmate by viewing the camera yourself.

9. Keep track of the numbers


This is very important. If you just need to kill 1 more person, the number of Crewmates will be equal to the number of Impostors, which means you will almost certainly win that game. What you need to do is kill another Crewmate as quickly as possible.

Most Crewmates pay little attention to this. However, with a little more experience, they would try to open an emergency meeting as soon as possible to prevent the Impostor from performing their final kill. The best way to fix this problem is to use vandalism. During a vandalism, the Crewmate is unable to press the Emergency button and is forced to walk to a certain location. All you have to do is wait, eliminate and win.

10. Pretend AFK


Of course, this is not a recommended way to use, but it is quite entertaining. Just stand still and wait. Others will notice you’re not moving, assume you’re AFK, and leave you alone. When a player approaches, walk towards them and quickly kill them. Then go back to the exact spot where you AFK. You will be surprised when tactic This gives you a lot of prey.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen a second time in the same group of players. But if you are playing with a group of friends and want to create memorable memories, you can consider using this move.

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