Top mid lane generals season 11 Arena of Valor

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Mid lane is no longer a new concept in MOBA games, no matter which team masters this area will have a higher chance of winning, and of course will need to have effective generals in the role. mid laner game, the following article will introduce the top mid laner season 11 Arena of Valor for you to choose.

The mid lane position is the position where the two opposing sides always try to master the early and mid game, avoiding losing the turret too soon. In addition, being able to cover many positions and roam quickly to support or gank the enemy team also creates a great advantage for champions that play this role, so the top Mid lane generals season 11 Arena of Valor Which are the generals, let’s see right here.

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Top mid lane generals season 11 Arena of Valor

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1. Krixi

This is the perfect champion for all new players with a good mid laner. As a mid laner that debuted in the first season, Krixi is not only easy to play, but also possesses a set of skills that deal extreme damage and are effective in teamfights, clean up monsters quickly, and have a very good defensive ability. .

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2. Ignis

Brought a breath of fresh air to mid lane right from its launch, Ignis possesses a completely different gameplay from other mid lane walls when he can both create armor, stun, and at the same time can stack a huge amount of damage.

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3. Sephera

Sephera is a champion that possesses an extremely powerful skill set and is also very easy to use because all skills do not need to be oriented, just click. However, to master the control of Sephera is extremely difficult because the 2nd move is difficult to accurately align on the opponent and the ultimate has a very narrow attack range. However, it is undeniable that Sephera’s effective role on the battlefield can both deal great damage, control the enemy, and support healing for teammates.

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4. Marja

Marja is the first mage champion in Mobile Alliance that does not consume energy when performing moves, which becomes an advantage for teams climbing ranks when there is no need to give green buffs to mid laners. Marja has great crowd control at medium range but on top of that, he won’t take any damage when using his ultimate, making it even harder to defeat Marja.

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5. Preyta

Having the ability to initiate extremely effective fights, Preyta, despite experiencing many nerfs, is still the optimal choice for the mid lane position thanks to its ability to poke and control, causing great discomfort to the enemy at the same time when When necessary, Preyta can instantly deal massive amounts of damage to enemies so that teammates can jump in later to do the rest.

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