Tips for playing 5v5 Bomber mode in Free Fire

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Recently, Garena Free Fire has added a 5v5 Bombing mode on the Santiago map, this mode is a battle between 2 Attack and Defense teams. In this guide, we will discuss 5v5 Free Fire Bomber mode tips, tactics to win.

Copy Update Free Fire OB34 Summon At the end of May 2022, Garena was especially interested by many gamers, the appearance of Bombing mode 5v5 Free Fire will bring the best gaming experience ever, team war in a remote village.

Meo play cover by 5v5 bomb in free fire

Bomb Squad – 5v5 Bomb Mode in Garena Free Fire

Rules to play 5v5 Bomber mode in Free Fire

The 5v5 Bombing game mode in Free Fire emphasizes on building squad tactics and how to destroy the enemy, the gunfight between players becomes fiercer, much more dramatic, survival skills will also bring. to a new level when 5 players must fight side by side. Rules to play 5v5 Bomber mode in Free Fire are as follows:
– 10 people are divided into 2 teams, each team of 5 players is Team A and Team B
+ Team A: Has the task of protecting the bomb, placing the bomb at a designated place on the map.
+ Team B: Has the task of protecting the base, defuse bombs to prevent Team A from placing bombs.
– When Team A dies, Team B will win the Round and vice versa.
– Competing 10 Rounds, the team that wins 6 Rounds will win the overall game.

Free fire 2

Tips for playing 5v5 Bomber mode in Free Fire

There are some things that will help players outlast others and survive to the end to win. While the dynamics of every mode are different, some things remain the same. Here are some tips for winning 5v5 Bomber mode in Free Fire.

1. Go together
The most important thing of any team mode in Free Fire is to stick to the team, move in groups, communicate well with teammates. When well coordinated, your teammates will easily cover you during respawn, when knocked down or knocked out. Players need to stay together and maintain their coordination to win, whether you’re on the offensive or defensive side.

Free fire 3

2. Eliminate all opponents
This skill is a very simple tactic for all ever. You can patiently wait for the time to pass or unleash deadly attacks, eliminate opponents one by one and win. This requires individual skill and a well-coordinated team as a single player cannot take down 5 enemies alone.

3. Be careful before moving, engaging in combat
The map of Santiago has been upgraded quite a bit since its last appearance, with many houses and nooks and crannies to hide in. Therefore, before participating in any fight, it is better to observe carefully around to avoid being attacked by the enemy from behind, always move the cover for your teammates.

Free fire 4

4. Equip appropriate attachments
In all modes, there is a requirement for the right attachments for the weapon to work in balance depending on the situation. Attachments enhance the attributes of any weapon and make it perform better. In this, there is an item called Defusion Pliers Increases the speed of enemy bombs. It is very necessary to use because this is a 5v5 Bombing game mode in Free Fire, if you are in Team B without this item to defuse the bomb, it is considered done.

Meo plays due to 5v5 bombs in Free Fire 5
To win in 5v5 Free Fire Bomber mode then you need to follow the steps above, as they are the basics of every battle royale game. Each round in the game requires proper coordination and teamwork, with the proper use of characters and weapons a priority in this mode.

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