Instructions for setting up virtual keyboard to play games on MEmu

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MEmu is one of the best free Android operating system emulators available today, allowing you to comfortably experience Android applications and games on your computer. However, to experience games that use many controls in the best way, you should set up a virtual keyboard.

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The virtual keyboard allows you to operate simply, easily and much more conveniently. In this article, will guide you on how to set up a virtual keyboard to play games in Android MEmu emulator software.

How to set up virtual keyboard on MEmu?

Click the Keyboard button on the sidebar after entering a game. You can follow the instructions below to set up the virtual keyboard for easy control.

1. Pull Controlposition the motion key on the screen. Drag the shoot keyShoot key enter the attack position on the screen. This action is commonly used in ARPG games.

Virtual keys on MEmu

2. Drag the WASD keyWASD position the motion key on the screen. Drag the Shoot keyLeft Shot position the shot key on the screen. Pull the lens key ShotGet into position before the game’s vision. As the name suggests, the Shoot and Crosshair keys are often used in shooters.

The virtual keyboard system appears on the MEMu screen

To control the speed, click on the key gravity sensor gravity sensor and assign keys to inclination direction. There are four supported placements, and you can set it up if needed.

Set direction

For sliding screen operations, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse pointer to the direction of the sliding screen, then assign a desired key to this action. The WASD key functions exactly like the slide in running games like Temple Run.

Set up run key

When you want to zoom in or out on the screen, hold down the key Ctrl and scroll wheel mouse. Besides, you can also try with the key F2 and F3. When you want to enter in-game message, click on conversion icon conversion icon in the top left of the screen or press the shortcut key Alt + A. You can learn more about keyboard setup in MEmu by clicking on the help icon help icon.

Keyboard mapping FAQ

1. What to do if you can’t switch or get stuck in the game’s perspective?

If you cannot change the view after hiding the mouse, use “~“To show / hide the mouse.

You can try the key Ctrl or F1 Because this key may differ depending on the game.

2. The default button has been edited. How to restore the original button mode?

Open the smart key menu, click on the icon like the image below:

Smart Mode in MEmu

How to set up virtual Joystick in an Android emulator

In addition to the virtual keyboard, you can control the character with joystick easily. Proceed as follows:

1. Connect the joystick to the PC and open the properties panel of this device.

Game controls settings

2. Press the joystick buttons and make sure they respond correctly in the property sheet.

Test the joystick

3. Open the game in MEmu and move the gamepad buttons to the screen. Make sure they reflect the game controls correctly.

Complete the joystick setup on MEmu

Hope the article is useful to you!

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