Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

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Join the game Hay Day Players can immerse themselves in the peaceful rural life, do farm work, cultivate, and raise according to their preferences to reclaim their farm to become richer and more beautiful. tourists to visit. Also here, players are exposed to kind and friendly neighbors, making players more attracted to the game.

To decorate and upgrade your farm more and more beautiful, players need to earn lots of diamonds to be able to upgrade what they want. You can spend real money to buy free diamonds or diamonds when you complete certain missions or achieve outstanding achievements. If you do not want to deposit with real money then please work hard and patiently follow the tips we give below!

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Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

At the start of the game, the player will be given 30 diamonds as an initial capital. However, in the game tutorial for beginners will cleverly integrate into many operations that require you to use less of those diamonds, so if you do not pay attention, it will be lost immediately. After starting the game, let’s embark on the quest for free diamonds whenever possible. Invite you to refer to the 7 tips below:

1. Spin the lucky wheel every day

Each day the game system will allow players to spin the lucky spin 1 time. This is the chance to get free reins quite easily, so make full use of it. Many times you will suddenly get a pretty large amount of diamonds this way!

Tips: Access the game once a day to get lucky spin.

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

2. Complete daily missions

Each day the game will give you a lot of missions to complete, first click on your farm to see a list of tasks for the day, then perform each task one by one. These tasks are also quite simple, just working hard on the farm will give you a medal, along with a certain number of diamonds depending on the task.

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

The more difficult the task, the more diamonds you earn increases, but also means that you have to spend more time to complete the task. Usually each time you complete a task you will be given 1,2 or 3 diamonds, in total you can earn 93 diamonds this way.

Tips: Check out which tasks are easy, can be completed fastest, go ahead and get diamonds first.

3. Watch promotional trailers

At the side of the box, there will be free movie tickets to watch trailers for new games or Hollywood blockbusters. When you watch them you will be rewarded with diamonds, upgrades or colored cards.

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

Watching the promotional video will help you earn 1 free diamond, if you work hard you can get from 3 to 5 diamonds per day thanks to this.

Tips: Spend about 3-5 minutes a day to watch the trailer to receive diamonds!

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

4. Mining

When you reach level 24 you will get access to the mine to mine, use items such as shovels, axes to dig or use explosives to get the metal bars needed to craft. jewelry. And especially you will earn diamonds during the mining process, so please mine regularly for more opportunities to get free diamonds.

Tips: Save tools such as shovels, axes, and dynamite from the very beginning of the game so that when you get the mining rights, you can use these items.

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

5. Open the mystery box

Mystery boxes always bring surprises to the player, you can get up to 3 diamonds when opening this mystery box. If any lucky player will be given a mystery box on the front door, when visiting or helping your neighbor, you will also have a chance to receive this mystery gift box. Get it quickly and open it for a chance to own diamonds.

Tips: You can open 2 mystery boxes for free every day, from the 3rd box on, it will take 3 diamonds to open, so please work hard to open the mystery box every day.

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

6. Level up quickly

Each time you level up the player will receive a certain amount of diamonds, at the first levels, leveling up is very easy. Players with a total of 78 achievements in 3 levels will be awarded banners and diamonds when completing each level. This is also an opportunity for you to receive free diamonds from the game maker, but the later, leveling up is more difficult due to the amount of experience points required to level up. At this point, please take advantage of the tips above!

Tips for free diamond in game Hay Day

7. Diamond sentence

When you reach level 27, you can go diamond fishing. Find broken boats and repair them. Drop the boat into the water to receive 1 to 3 diamonds depending on the size of the fish you catch.

  • Copper fish yields 1 diamond.
  • Silver fish yield 2 diamonds.
  • Gold fish gives you 3 diamonds.

There are times when players find diamonds in the bowl next to your house, so pay attention not to miss any precious diamonds.

Video for free diamond in Hay day

So you can earn yourself quite a lot of diamonds thanks to the above tips. Now, upgrade your farm, buy modern machines that reduce production time or expand the quantity of goods in the store … and there are a lot of things that need diamonds Try to accumulate lots of diamonds!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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