How to install the game Bejeweled diamond on the computer

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Bejeweled is a very familiar diamond folding game, loved by many people, especially office workers because of the simple gameplay, beautiful graphics but no less attractive.

So download Bejeweled and experience it right away. If you do not know how to install, please refer to the following article of to comfortably play the game when you have free time.

Install and play Bejeweled diamond puzzle game on the computer

Bejeweled Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

Step 1: Download the game Bejeweled according to the download link above, double-click the setup file. Window Bejeweled 3 Installer appears, click Next to move to the next step.

Install the game Bejeweled

Step 2: Immediately after that appears the terms of use that the manufacturer offers, if you agree, clickI Agree, if you do not agree, then clickI Don’t Agree.

Agree to install the game Bejeweled

Step 3: The installation process starts, please wait a while, the installation process is fast or slow depending on your computer configuration.

The process of installing the game Bejeweled

Step 4: After finishing the installation, if you want to launch the diamond puzzle game, then check the box Lauch game now. Then press Done.

Finish installing the game Bejeweled

Step 5: To start playing the game Bejeweled click Play Trial. If you want to experience the full version then click the button Buy Now to buy games.

Play game Bejeweled

Step 6: During the first game you need to enter the player’s name in the box Please enter your name to begin, then press Go.

Name the game Bejeweled

How to play Bejeweled 3

Step 1: Press Play to start playing this classic diamond matching game.

Play the game Bejeweled

Step 2: Bejeweled offers 8 different game modes, but only 4 are open by default, other modes have to level 4 to open. The default open modes are:

  • Classic: Play until you cannot move the diamond to score any more points.
  • Lightning: Play at a fast-paced and time-limited game.
  • Zen: Cendless game mode and will unlock secret levels after completing the first 5 levels.
  • Quest: Complete 8 mini-levels: Butterfiles, Gold Rush, Alchemy, Stratamax, Time Bomb, Buried Treasure, Avalanche, Balance as required.

Depending on the ability of each player to choose accordingly.

Choose the game mode Bejeweled

Step 3: Appears a screen briefly introduces how to play, tap Start Game to start playing the classic diamond matching game.

Start playing the game Bejeweled

Step 4: Now you are free to experience the game. With the very simple rules of the game, you only need to arrange at least 3 diamonds of the same color vertically, horizontally, diagonally or L-shaped to eat points. However, to high scores It is not easy at all, you need to accumulate experience, make full use of special diamonds such as doubling, triple score, fire diamond, rainbow …

Alternatively, you can click Menu icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to customize some settings.

Bejeweled game play interface

Step 5: In the dialog box Options You can customize:

  • 3D Acceleration: Speed ​​up the rendering of 3D scenes.
  • Fullscreen: Full screen mode.
  • Custom Cursors: Customize the mouse pointer.
  • Animate Background: Live wallpapers.
  • Resolution: Customize your resolution.

Optional game parameters Bejeweled

Video instructions to install and play the game Bejeweled diamond folding

Now, you can comfortably play the classic diamond puzzle game on the computer when you have free time. In addition, you can refer to some classic office games that are loved by many people such as: Pikachu, Lines 98, Dynomite …

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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