All information about Yone – brother of “who” Yasuo – will be the latest general League of Legends?

Definitely fans of the game League of Legends Are waiting for the next general to appear Lillia. In a developer diary video Riot Games, they’ve stated players can look forward to some new champions at this summer’s event. The first general that debut was Lillia and the next character that is highly anticipated will be the “masked assassin” from the land Ionia. Here is a breakdown of the information Funny game Get on the killer Yone, join us to find out this information!

Yone - a new champion will appear after Lillia

1. Who is Yone?

According to the legend League of Legends, Yone is a half brother of the same father Yasuo. Yone and Yasuo close to each other since they were kids, both of them attended the village’s swordsmanship school – until the war came Ionia and Yone be called away, left Yasuo with a hot temper that protects the great masters.

After giving up his position to seek glory in the battles, when he returned, the great master Elder Souma dead, Yasuo charged with murder and then fled back home. In the end he was Yone watched, meanwhile, he was still pursued by his teammates, cornered in mortal battles. That was a price he was willing to pay, but until the person he feared the most – brother Yone for me Yasuo forced to fight with Yone, who should have trusted him the most and though Yasuo petition Yone forgive, try to convince him of his innocence but Yone still believe in the betrayal of my brother because excellent room is what caused the Master’s death Souma and Yasuo is the only one who can use it.

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Their match was honorable. When the two blades met, Yone can not be resisted and, with a single sword line, Yasuo took down my brother. Then he closed his eyes before he could say anything more ..

Seeking visitors from Ionia - Yone

Yone very popular among fans Yasuo And he appeared in the game Land Legend of Runeterra. Yone is an extremely powerful card that plays an important role in the Yasuo deck or control in this card game.

Yone - WindChaser from The Legend of Runeterra
Yone – WindChaser from The Legend of Runeterra

2. Why Yone Will the next champion appear?

So far, we know quite a bit of information Yone through legends and development diary videos. Yone There is one reason to refuse death, which is a strong desire to get justice, to find out the truth about betrayal from your brother.

To confirm the reason Yone Not yet dead, on the test server, can be found interacting Thresh used with Yone, This certainly shows that he is not dead yet. After that is the shaping of Yone, One handle is gray sword and 1 handle is red sword with death on the back.

Unlike Yasuo, Yone will own 2 swords

With one Champ More to be announced this summer, all clues seem to be on Yone. With such evidence plus skin Continent Flowers Or find the lines, interactions of the generals with the character Yone, It will almost certainly be the next new champion of League of Legends.

Yone with the Continental Flower skin

Yone’s Continent Flower Skin

3. Prediction of the hero‘s qualities and skill sets Yone:

There is no information about the skill set Yone both. But according to the description of Riot Games, most likely Yone will be the solo traveler. And because of the background and the past Yasuo plus learning kendo in the same place, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand if Yone and Yasuo has quite similar skill set.

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4. When Yone will be released?

As expected Lillia will be released in the update 10.15, whereby Riot Games may be teased Yone in about 2 more updates. Let’s wait together Yone in the following updates!

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