Truth Arena: Death Blade Details

Lưỡi kiếm tử thần trong Đấu Trường Chân Lý

The Sword of the Dead in the Truth Arena seemed to be ignored, however, in version 10.10 onwards, the Death Sword is becoming a formidable weapon.

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The frequency of using the Death Sword in the game of dignity increased dramatically, almost all major physical generals such as Jinx, Xayah, Lucian, etc. used and became extremely powerful monsters. . The Sword of Death gradually becomes important because the Candyland formation and the pioneering units disappear, gamers will need weapons with high damage to finish the round.

The blade of death in the Arena of Truth
The blade of death in the Arena of Truth

What is the sword of death? The Blade of Death’s Effect

The death blade is equipped composed of 2 BF Sword, each tree increases physical damage by 15. Each time the owner participates in killing the target, the unit will +1 increase their physical damage and survive at the end of the battle.

Which champion is the Death Sword suitable for?

  • No. 1 belongs to Jinx, with her Gunner ability she would shoot down her target, even the opposing team.
  • Jhin: The higher the damage from the death sword, the higher the damage% of Jhin’s 4th shot will be.
  • Shaco: Needed Angel Armor.
  • Next is Xayah With terrifying speed will take down the opponent quickly.
  • Lucian Also a good choice as it is a good unit to pawn Jinx.

In general, the Death Blade is the item that benefits the most from the upheaval in the Truth Arena meta. When the person who needed a weapon with great damage, the Death Sword would be the top priority.

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