This is an unexpected hiding place in PUBG

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To win in PUBG A gamer needs a lot of different skills.. It can be the skill of accurately directing the gun to the enemy’s head, the ability to follow back and coordinate with teammates .. or above all, a keen observation to know when to play. When should I move? However, few people know that the highest skill a gamer must have in PUBG is patience, plus a very good hiding position.

It sounds simple, but this skill few PUBG gamers have because the number of players approaches the game in a go-getter style. Sometimes it takes a little subtlety with keeping the enemy silent. wary or self-righteous, the road to victory will unfold before your eyes.


Of course, in addition to that skill, you also have to have a good hiding place, completely avoiding all eyes and ears of the enemy.. even making the enemy never imagine that they will choose that position. If you don’t believe it, you can check it out for yourself when you see buildings like the one in the photo below. This can be considered as one of the quite special constructions of the Miramar map, designed with the goal of taking advantage of the climbing ability of version 1.0. At first glance, this type of house is nothing special, except for one side with stone steps and wooden crates for gamers to climb to a high position.

Typical house type of desert map in PUBG.

However, its secret lies on the complete opposite side when gamers can climb over the wooden crate and hide in the corner of the wall. Indeed, this is a position few think about because outside when looking at it, it feels like these wooden crates have covered the surrounding space, easily fooling the eyes of other players, especially in the fighting stages. climax gun. Of course, to take advantage of this position, you also have to consider where the circle will be, as well as play Solo or follow a Team.


On the contrary, other gamers should also start paying attention to positions like this because it easily creates conditions for the enemy team to attack behind. With a transformative game like PUBG, the safest thing is to always assume that the enemy can completely think what you are thinking. You can also see the benefits of this position in this gameplay video when Kotaku’s journalist had to solo with the whole enemy team and still win “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

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