Arresting her child outside the internet shop, the mad mother used the helmet to smash the computer

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Being caught by parents while “plowing” the game is probably the biggest horror for gamers while in the process of “conquest”. And the fact has shown that there are many “bad jokes” around this tragic situation. Many parents who couldn’t keep their composure gave their children a warning right at the match in front of so many people. But if you just stop there, there’s nothing worth saying, it’s confusing that instead of teaching and advising their younger brother not to be too playful, some people blame this on the engine room leading to the state of swearing. insulting the owner, even smashing furniture and equipment in the shop to reduce “anger”.

Surely many people remember the incident that happened at the end of May last year at a net shop on Hoang Cau street. When the boy was engrossed in the fight, his father rushed in with a tennis racket in hand and immediately hit him in the head for the crime of skipping school. Not stopping there, in a fit of anger, the father could not control his composure and took a racket to break 27 computer screens on the 3rd floor of the restaurant, ignoring the staff’s disapproval. According to the statistics of eyewitnesses, the entire screen was broken beyond repair, each worth about 3.7 million VND.

Or like a recent case that was widely shared when a parent came to the shop to call his child and then conveniently “combat” the computer screen. And now a similar incident has made many people think. The video and specific images of the incident were posted by the owner himself, causing a lot of controversy.

Watching the posted clip, it can be seen that the mother is extremely angry when she sees her son playing video games in the net shop, to the point of holding a stick in his hand. However, instead of intending to teach her son, the mother wanted to destroy the furniture in the shop and eloquently declared “Let me break all this place and I will pay it”. Fortunately, the son was able to keep it, but it made the parent even more mad than ever: “Let go, I told you to let go. You don’t take me seriously, you don’t take my words seriously, do you?”. That is enough to show how high the mother’s “anger” is.


So even though the son was able to keep the cane, it was still unstoppable when the mother took off the helmet she was wearing on her head and smashed the computer screen in front of her.

During the incident, the shop owner calmly witnessed and used his phone as evidence and also responded to the mother’s challenge: “That’s right, beat it, beat it freely, let her beat it.” He even threatened to call the police. But it seems that the mother is still very aggressive, so she continues to challenge: “Just call the police here, it’s time for school to end.”

Two computers were smashed and fell

This action of the parent caused great anger in the net gaming community with comments such as: “Looking horrible, the board is a bit gentle, meeting you is a joke and then bringing it to the commune, destroying property of other people, you don’t have to have money to beat it and then it’s done. In the law, which prevents other people from doing business, the crime is quite serious, not simply beating it and paying it off.”

The shop owner then added: “Thank you all for your interest. Also, I would like to clarify that my shop has been open for 4 years. Let’s talk about the documents, I am not wrong at all. As for the rest of you, tell me. If you’re greedy for a few dong, then I’ll apologize in advance, this job is very poor and now I can take advantage of any or that dong or else my wife and children will drink porridge. And this guy is not a regular customer. then he only played for 1 day. When he studied, his mother also gave him a break, it’s not like he skipped school to play.”

The incident continues to cause controversy. Anger is an inevitable mentality when we see our children wandering around the net all day, but I think in cases like these we should calmly re-educate our children, not blame them. net shop owner so. Too much anger leads to unnecessary damage!​

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