Things you need to know about equipment in Torchlight III

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The Torchlight series has always been known for its great equipment and Torchlight III is no exception. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of armor and weapons in Torchlight III, so you can better prepare for each fight.

A century has passed since the events of Torchlight II, the Ember Empire is in decline. In Torchlight III, Novastraia is once again under threat of invasion and you must fight the Netherim and its allies to protect Novastraia. Weapons and equipment play a very important role in helping you achieve that goal. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about how to collect and use equipment to be ready for any upcoming war.

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Information about equipment and how to collect equipment in Torchlight 3

How to collect equipment in Torchlight III

Equipment can be found in a variety of ways such as killing enemies, opening boss chests, trading with vendors in town, unlocking Contract rewards, and destroying surroundings – all of which are Great ways to collect new weapons and armor.

Pro Tip: Some weapons only appear at the end Challenge Dungeons while other weapons can only be found by top level characters.

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1. Equipment rarity trang

Weapons of different rarity include Common (white), Magic (green), Rare (blue) and Legendary (orange). You can find weapons of all rarity at any level throughout the game, but of course Legendary is the rarest item in Torchlight III.

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2. Items belonging to specific character classes

Some equipment is only available for specific character classes. The Forged class are the only characters that can equip Hatch, Chest Gun, and Locomotion. Sharpshooter can use Bows, Railmaster uses Railhammer, and Dusk Mage pairs with Digitus.

3. Affixes

Weapons that can be equipped with many additional benefits are called Affixes. These buffs increase the ability and power of the equipment, which is randomly rolled when the equipment is dropped. Legendary items have fixed buffs in addition to random ones, making them special and more powerful. Storyline Acts and Challenge Dungeons are also linked to specific types of damage and debuffs enemies will use on you, so it’s a good idea to stock up on different sets of buffs for different situations.

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4. Store equipment

After unlocking your fortress, you can store equipment in it with various receptacles called Wardrobe. These allow you to easily swap between gear sets and show off your assets to passersby.

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5. Legendarium skill

When you find a Legendary item, you will unlock its unique buff in the Legendarium skill menu. You can equip up to 3 of these buffs when fully leveled up. All new characters will also come with 5 Legendarium skills for you to choose from.

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6. Lifebound Scrolls

Lifebound Scrolls can be found randomly during your journey and has the ability to permanently increase your device’s base stats by 20%. But Lifebound items will be lost if the character dies. Lifebound Scrolls cannot be used on Legendary items.

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7. Enchantment

When you reach the end of the game you will start to find equipment with 1-2 enchanted slots available. Use Enchanter’s Altar to destroy unwanted equipment and obtain Essence, and collect recipes to fill your library of possible spells. Enchant an item to improve its power in combat, but you need to be careful because removing enchantments from items costs gold, so think twice.

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8. Equip the pet

In order for the pet not to get injured, you can collect equipment for your companions. You can find and equip a collar and two cards to increase the pet’s abilities.

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Speaking of pets, while there are plenty of Glittersprites that exist on this planet, the Verdant Glittersprite pet is only available to Xbox gamers. Every new character you create can earn this rare pet.

Above is all the information about the equipment in Torchlight III. Hope this article will help you in the process of experiencing the game.
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