Server crashed up and down on the day of launch, hot game Steam forced to refund players

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Super quality graphics, impressive gameplay, Last Oasis promises to be the ultimate survival super product. The most obvious proof is right from the opening of Early Access on Steam On March 26, the game quickly became one of the best-selling names on the platform. Unfortunately, Last Oasis did not have a very smooth opening. Continuous connection errors, server crashes occurred, making most people unable to access the game. Although the developer has worked hard day and night to release new updates, the situation is still not much better. In the end, the studio was forced to shut down the game server for a week and was willing to refund all players.

In a notice to players, developer Donkey Crew said:

As Donkey Crew previously explained, an unforeseen issue appeared on the first day of launch that prevented players from logging into the game. A few lucky people who were able to access it were stuck on the main menu and, despite working all weekend, they still couldn’t find a solution.


Last Oasis is set in the Earth’s rotation after a devastating catastrophic event, the Moon is destroyed. Thousands of years later, the planet is split into two opposing halves: one side is too hot and the other is submerged in the cold night. The only area that creatures can survive is a small strip of land between the desert and the cold snow and ice, resulting in this place becoming a fierce battleground between factions to compete for resources, looking for opportunities to live. survive in this increasingly harsh world. This is really a pity because according to those who were lucky enough to play the game before it crashed, Last Oasis was quite interesting.


Server crashes are a common problem with multiplayer games, but it’s usually fixed within a few hours. I don’t understand what problem Last Oasis had that the developer took so long to find out. The game will be unplayable for at least the next week, so if you want, players can completely request a refund through Steam. Otherwise, just wait patiently until the error is fixed.​

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