How to get high score in diamond matching game

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Bejeweled is a classic diamond puzzle game and is extremely familiar to players of different ages. With a simple but equally challenging gameplay of an intellectual game, Bejeweled really did gives players hours of relaxation after stressful working and studying hours.

Diamond matching game Bejeweled must be no stranger to many generations of players today. Bejeweled is a familiar match-3 puzzle game for free for both PC and mobile devices. Simple, gentle gameplay, an increasing number of levels, eye-catching graphics with countless sparkling colorful diamonds, funny sounds … are the points that attract players to Bejeweled.

Your task is to arrange at least 3 diamonds of the same color vertically, horizontally or in an L shape. The rules of the game are very simple, similar to the match 3 games or like the game. Candy Crush Saga popular. However, not everyone knows how to pass the levels with a high score. The following, I will show you some tips to get high scores and quickly pass the more difficult levels of this game.

1. Observe the overall layout of the game screen

On the screen of the Bejeweled game, there are often many sparkling, multi-colored diamonds that make you feel confused. Therefore, before starting to play, you should observe the overall view of all the diamonds and their position and color, from which you will move faster and know which steps to take to create more. best combos.

Game Bejeweled

Overall view of the game screen

2. Create Slow Bomb Power-ups

This is a trick to help you quickly pass the levels with high scores and shorten the time between levels. To create this power-up you need to match 4 diamonds in a horizontal, vertical or L-shaped axis (one in the corner and 2 on the other 2 sides). When you successfully match will create a time bomb. To detonate the bomb, you just need to match it with 2 stones of the same color. Then the explosion will destroy countless nearby stones, so your score will increase quickly and passing the level is not difficult.

Game Bejeweled

Create power-ups to get higher scores

3. Create lightning power-ups to sweep diamonds

To create lightning power-ups will depend on your calculation ability as well as a little luck. To create this power-up you must connect 5 diamonds horizontally or vertically. If successful, it will create white lightning around 1 of those 5 diamonds. Simply pairing this lightning with any diamond next to it in the 4 corners will create a chain of destructive power. Accordingly, the score increases extremely quickly and helps you pass the screen quickly.

Game Bejeweled

Download the game Bejeweled for free

4. Think carefully before following the system’s suggestions

Sometimes, you do not see the move, so you are stuck and the system will automatically suggest the diamonds that can be combined. At this point, you should not rush to follow the suggestions, but calmly think to find more combos. Sometimes you will discover combos that are bigger than the hint system so stay calm to get a higher score. Only when you see that there are no other moves, do you follow the suggestion.

5. Make the most of special diamonds

In the game Bejeweled, sometimes there will appear special diamonds such as doubles, triples, fire diamonds, rainbows… You should get in the habit of observing the whole and trying to use the diamonds. that special. Because when exploding those diamonds, you will get a much higher score and the game situation will be changed quickly, from which it is easy to find big combos.

6. Focus and Patience

In the diamond game, the pressure of time, the number of points… will make you panic when trying to pass the screen. It is best to stay calm to find the most effective solution for yourself. Do not be zealous in the game screen, let’s slowly consider the match layout to start. You just need to be highly focused and handle it a little quickly to get a high score easily.

Besides the above tips, you can also refer to some tips such as: Leaving the screen light in low mode helps your eyes to be less sore and more focused; If you don’t like the strong sound of the game, you can mute the sound in the options and turn on your favorite music to listen to while playing to help stimulate the excitement of the brain…

Hope for suggestions and tips when playing the game Bejeweled above can help you to get high score and conquer this interesting brain game! You can refer to and download some versions of diamond games and games of the same genre here. Have fun playing the game!

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