Things to know about the Zodiac to evolve the dragon EverWing

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One thing that can help you maximize the power of Dragons in EverWing is the Zodiac, something that many gamers may not notice.

In EverWing, Guardians will be helped by the help of Dragons, powerful creatures that will always accompany the player in the game. Dragons at the beginning only had 1 star and reached a max level of 10. However, you can evolve Dragons easily by pairing 2 identical Dragons with the same max level at that star level.

Things to know about the Zodiac in EverWing

Sidekick dragons can be evolved by selecting the dragon you want to evolve under Dragon Roost in the “Sidekicks” tab. Once you’ve finished choosing the dragon you want to evolve, just hit the “Evolve” button and watch the mystical evolution unfold before your eyes.

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  • Raggles (Level 10) + Raggles (Level 10) = Rageon (Level 11)
  • Urseus (Level 20) + Urseus (Level 20) = Urselius (Level 21)
  • Tsijari (Level 10) + Tsijari (Level 10) = Itzamatul (Level 11)

You can pay close attention, the upper right of the dragons have the appearance of a familiar symbol representing that dragon’s Zodiac. In EverWing there are also 12 common Zodiacs such as:


  1. Aries (Aries)
  2. Taurus (Taurus)
  3. Gemini (Gemini)
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo (Lion)
  6. Virgo (Virgo)
  7. Libra (Libra)
  8. Scorpio (Thien Yet)
  9. Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
  10. Capricorn (Capricorn)
  11. Aquarius (Aquarius)
  12. Pisces (Pisces)

Speaking of which, many of you are wondering what effect the Zodiac is, what to do with Dragon evolution in EverWing, if Dragon evolution in EverWing and both Dragons have Zodiac, your evolutionary Dragon will. much stronger. Specifically, evolutionary dragons will be divided into 3 types.

  • Tier 1: No bonus damage.
  • Tier 2: Plus 20% bonus damage.
  • Tier 3: Grants 35% bonus damage.

Feri (Level 10 Gemini) + Feri (Level 10 Cancer) = Evolved Dragon Fieri (Level 11 Gemini) Tier 1 form means no bonus damage.

Umbra (Level 10 Lions) + Umbra (Level 10 Lion) = Umbrathyst (Level 11 Lion) type 2 Umbrathyst gives you 20% bonus damage.

Lune (Level 20 Cancer Archery) + Lune (Level 20 Cancer Archery) = Evolved Dragon Celeste (Level 21 Cancer) in Tier 3 form means 35% bonus damage.

Zodiac combination
Dragon Evolution and Zodiac damage will be greatly increased

With the above instructions, you just choose the Dragons with the same zodiac to evolve them, so the damage will be maximized when upgrading. You can refer to the article Summary of everything you need to know about Dragons in EverWing and How to combine the most powerful dragon duos in EverWing.

Good luck.

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