Best Dragon classification to hit Boss in EverWing

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In EverWing, Raid Boss really gives you a lot of rewards such as: Dragon Eggs, Coins, Cup. But beating them for a reward is not easy at allIn fact, some Bosses are difficult to beat, will give you instructions on how to beat Boss EverWing with the appropriate Dragons.

This guide will classify Dragons belonging to different skill systems to help you choose the right Sidekichs to sweep the Boss, here I will collapse the types of Dragons for you to choose from. All you have to do now is read and choose the useful extra Dragons in the Raid Boss.

Classification Dragon beat Boss in EverWing

I. High damage dragon

Includes extra dragons to attack directly with monsters. They often have high damage attack skills or are specialized against Bosses.

Listed below are Dragons and should always be used against bosses directly. Note that their attacks must always directly attack the given Boss’s target for maximum damage. In addition, with special skills that are effective against Bosses easily and does not require you to dodge as often.

1. Tsijari> Tanok> Itzamatul

1Frontal Attackers EverWing - EmergenceingameNatural system Itzamatul deals 50% damage to bosses. It also attacks with venom dealing 500% damage for 2 seconds.

2. Minya> Minyara> Maximar


Fire-type Maximar deals 50% of the damage to the boss.

3. Magnis> Magmus> Magnimous


Fire-type Magnimous will deal 75% damage to Boss Spike and + 50% damage to the remaining bosses.

4. Loreen> Lureli> Lurelith


Lurelith is in the light system and deals 50% of the damage to the boss.

5. Kiin> Kigi> Kiwig


Fire-type Kiwig will deal 50% damage to the boss. It also has the ability to extend the item’s effectiveness time by 20%.

6. Bullet> Gladius> Silvar

6Frontal Attackers EverWing - Emergenceingame

Shadow-type Silvar deals 50% more damage against Bosses and Unique Monsters (armor bats block the projectile).

7. Ban> Bakun> Bakunawa


Shadow-type Bakunawa deals 50% of the damage to the boss. It also has the power to drop items 20% faster.

II. Fight and run tactics.

Includes extra dragons with hit-and-run tactics. You just need to dodge for the Boss to attack.

Dragons listed in this group were equipped with skills related to automatic target type attacks. These types of attacks are especially useful on Bosses whose Boss attacks will kill you if you don’t dodge.

A perfect example is the Monster Queen. These Boss minions continuously shoot bullets that you need to keep dodging so that they won’t die.

1. Yaen> Yave> Yavethrior


Yavethrior is water-based and has the ability to fire 2 rounds of chasing bullets.

2. Sar> Anga> Sarangay


Sarangay possesses a light system and has the ability to fire 2 rounds of bullets automatically searching for monsters.

3. Riblets> Numbskull> Darkfrost


Darkfrost possesses the dark system and has the ability to self-find items to shoot down.

4. Mara> Maradon> Maranasaur


Maranasaur is a fire-type and has the ability to automatically find targets to shoot down.

5. Clipsy> Astreon> Eclipsis


Eclipsis dark and has the ability to automatically target bullets.

6. Chase> Huntsea> Tsuna


Tsuna is water-type and has the ability to fire self-targeting bullets.

III. Dragon uses poison

Includes unique side Dragons. Out of all the Dragons in the game, the Dragons use poison with great ability to inflict the highest damage per second. They handle deadly poison over time on Guardian attacks.

Dragons use the poison extremely handy when fighting Boss Fluffy because it is an easy target and it splits into smaller versions of itself. This cleavage means smaller versions of it will suffer individual poisoning. That means it will do more damage when it is still a subject.

1. Tsijari> Tanok> Itzamatul

Poison User

Itzamatul in nature deals 500% damage over 2 seconds to enemies. Additionally, it deals 50% damage to bosses.

2. Nuno> Buaya> Buwaya

Poison User

Water-type Buwaya will poison 500% of his damage for 2 seconds, + 25% chance to spawn a Treasure chest.

3. Cretis> Toxicus> Mordroth

Poison User

Mordroth is fire-type and is equipped with a poison shot ability that deals 500% damage for 2 seconds.

IV. Magnifying the strength of the mushroom

Includes extra dragons capable of prolonging the mushroom’s time. Mushrooms are items that allow you to deal double damage in a given amount of time.

In Boss Raids, mushrooms will appear regularly over time. But once you get a mushroom, the damage certainly multiplies. With Dragons using the item elongation power, the cast time and spawns were significantly increased.

1. Xiaolong> Huolong> Jinlong

Mushroom power
Jinlong’s fire-type extends the item’s duration by 40%. Additionally, it also increases the item’s spawn rate by 40%.

2. Skout> Sage> Tuskan

Mushroom power
Nature-based Tusk also has the ability to increase item search time by 40% and item effectiveness time by 40%. has compiled and classified all types of dragons for you to choose easily when joining Raid Boss, hope through this article you will easily hunt Dragons and valuable items. treat me.

Wish you all the success.

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