Things to know about the Truth Arena update 9.16

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For the first time since the launch of this new game mode, Teamfight Tactics introduces a new origin called Hextech. Along with the Hextech origins, the Tactics 9.16 update also adds four new units to the game and brings some major changes to the balance of the game.

The Teamfight Tactics 9.16 update also brings a few balance changes to items and champions, including buffs for Infinity Edge, Redemption, and nerfs for Karthus. In addition, it also reworks the origin of the Demon (demon) to help them fight stronger.

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5 things to know about the Truth Arena update 9.16

1. Latest angle source Hextech

The first new origin of Teamfight Tactics is available in update 9.16 that will save you from enemy equipment. Hextech has a 2/4 bonus that generates a random bomb at the beginning of each round. Bombs will begin to activate and attach to an enemy unit, any enemies hit by the bomb will have their items disabled. Since the requirements to get this buff are pretty low, it’s an easy addition to the team if you’re looking to lock an item on an enemy champion.

2. 4 new units come with Hextech origin

Adding new origins to Teamfight Tactics also means adding new units to the game, which include
– Camille: Hextech 1 Gold, Blademaster
– Jayce: Hextech 2 Gold, Shapeshifter
– Vi: Hextech 3 Gold, Brawler
– Jinx: Hextech 4 Gold, Gunslinger

All of these units fit into a number of formations and their versatility in Teamfight Tactics means you can still get Hextech rewards for combining them with other squads.

3. Demon is remade

The Demon buff has proven to be one of the problems since the release of Tactics, so Riot decided to try to fix the root of the problem by redesigning this origin buff. Instead of simply draining mana, Demons now have a chance to steal a small portion of the target’s mana when attacking. This means they can still slow down an enemy’s mana regeneration, but not completely.

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4. Hush now stops enemies with Mana

Also on the rework list for this update is Hush. Previously, Hush locked his targets, but that made players feel uncomfortable in the late game and Riot’s solution was to change this item back. Hush now has a 33% chance to prevent enemies from gaining mana for four seconds. This makes it a special item, powerful against mage squads, or preventing Cho’Gath from using his skills.

but you need to know that you have updated the school calendar 9 16 3

5. Karthus nerfed again

Poor Karthus could not rest. When he first debuted, he was very weak. When he found his way into the meta, he became too strong. After the games last weekend, he was still too strong, so Riot is making another change to Karthus and making it more difficult to use his skill. Instead of 85, it will now take 125 mana for him to use his ability. Luckily he’ll start with 40 mana so it shouldn’t be too hard for him to use his ability the first time around, but getting out of tune after this update will be hard.

Above are the things that players need to know about the Teamfight Tactics update 9.16, a summary that can help you understand more quickly what Riot tweaks in the current version. Also if you want to see the detailed content of the update Truth Arena 9.16 can be consulted here.
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