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PUBG Mobile has officially confirmed the release date of update 0.14.0. The new PUBG Mobile update will be available from August 14th with a brand new Zombie mode and a lot of weapon skins, costumes, other features will also be added in the game. But for now, a rewarding event for players to get free crates and coupons is happening in PUBG Mobile.

This event is not available for some regions, which means that if players want to participate in the event and get rewards from PUBG Mobile, they will have to use VPN switcher. To get all these rewards, you don’t need to complete the effort, just follow some simple steps listed below to participate in the Holiday event.

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Join Event Happy Holidays to receive many attractive gifts

– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: PUBG Mobile for iPhone

Get free Premium coupons and PUBG Mobile crates

Step 1: First you need to download and install the FlyVPN region switching software from Google Play or the App Store according to the link below, select the appropriate application for the operating system you are using.

– Link to download Android version: FlyVPN for Android
– Link to download iOS version: FlyVPN for iPhone

Step 2: Then proceed to log in to your FlyVPN account, if you don’t have one, please refer to how Sign up for FlyVPN ours here. Open the FlyVPN app, locate the area Turkey (Turkey) in the list and proceed to connect.

How to get free 30 bucks for pubg mobile 2

– Note: Before performing the VPN to Turkey conversion, you need to get rid of everything related to PUBG Mobile, including running in the background.

Step 3: Launch PUBG Mobile on your device, go to the Events section and scroll down to the event list on the right. Here you will see the event Happy Holidays. Do the required daily quest when connected to the Turkish server to collect all the free rewards.

pubg mobile 3 free password 30 bucks

Note: Play Arcade mode only while VPN switch is active. Playing a Classic match while the VPN service is running may result in a ban. Please pay attention to that.

Completing this event quest is very easy. Players need to participate in a few matches to win those rewards, the rewards include 30 PUBG Mobile Premium coupons and many other attractive bonuses that are completely free.

This event will end on August 14th and players can collect all these rewards daily. So, get your hands on some awesome skins and outfits using VPN converters. Also, share this article with your PUBG Mobile friends so they can get it too.
To be able to hide important information such as rank, rank rank … or some other personal information, you can refer to the article How to hide PUBG Mobile personal information Ours helps you to hide your stats from other gamers.

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