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The new Cache CSGO map was shown live today at ESL One New York. The developers have brought the original Cache map to life by adding some color and tweaking the map, bringing new gameplay styles to both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

New map Cache CSGO was inspired by a ghost city in Ukraine called Pripyat, near the power plant Chernobyl. The map created to look extremely realistic with details showing the naturalness that looks like an abandoned place will be released in October of this year.

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Map Cache Counter Strike Global Offensive is remade

The first map adjustment introduced today at ESL One New York was the addition of an extra window in the middle. Counter-Terrorists (Police, CT) can use this to their advantage by peering through the small window, checking for Terrorists (terrorists, thieves) in contention in the middle of the map.

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Another big advantage for Counter-Terrorists is that they can hop on top of a truck near the CT-spawn, allowing them to monitor the A-bomb site. The towering building has been replaced with a wall. , allowing CTs to have the advantage around and a better battle position.

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CSGO players can now hop onto available default crates and jump onto the railing on the outside of the wall, in boom area B. This allows the player to have a strong, secure cover position. area from the bombers, terrorists.

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Terrorists can now shoot through thin walls with the AWP and choose the right position to attack or defend outside of the B boom area.

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Another change in the CSGO Cache map is that players can throw grenades in the middle of the ceiling without being blocked by anything thanks to a skybox hole in that location, and of course this will help Terrorists attack. Boom A area with a lot more tactics

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The CTs now have a new location to counter terrorists who want to go through the vents towards the B boom site. To get to this location, you first need to hop onto the set. small heatsink sticking out of the wall and then jumping onto the crates.

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It can be seen that the reworked CSGO Cache map is a bit favoring CT, another important position in the B boom area for them is on the lamp. To get to this position, the player just needs to run and jump from the railing to the top of a small lamp hanging right on the wall.

The above is all the content that gamers need to know about the Cache CSGO remake map, but one thing is for sure, this remake map will help CT reduce a lot of time in rotating in the old map. If you have never played CSGO real-time shooter, it is a sad thing, the game has a diverse combat system and many maps depicting realistic, beautiful mawtk, hurry up download CSGO on computer and enjoy, don’t let them go to waste.
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