Top 4 squads of the most powerful Truth Arena 10.16 update 10.17

Truth Arena player version 10.16 10.17 It is easy to see that the maximum 3-star mark of many champions has been buffed quite strongly by Riot, besides that the 1 or 2-star mark does not have any static movement. Let’s join EmergenceInGame through the top lineup that is considered to be the strongest DTCL this season!

Details about the latest update of Truth Arena 10.17 10.18 – Infinite galaxies

Top 1 – Super Tech

Most lineages / races in recent versions have been nerfed. Super Technology Re-buffed power like Leona, Lucian Vayne, Vi at 3 stars. At the same time the equipment is suitable for the gunner Lucian was Fist with Justice, Electric Knife has also been buffed a lot. Should decks Super Technology will be number one in today’s rankings.

The Super Tech line-up is still favored and trusted

Standard lineup:

  • 1 gold hero: Fiora, Leona.
  • Champion 2 gold: Lucian (Main force).
  • 3 gold champions: Vi, Vayne, Ezreal.
  • 4 Gold Heroes: Irelia (Main Force).
  • Hero 5 gold: Ekko, Thresh.

Top 2 – Star Guardian

From the beginning of the season until now, the squad Star Guardian has always been a powerful deck in most of the meta. In version 10.17 Neeko was slightly nerfed at 3 stars but not significantly, making up for that Poppy is the face that has been strengthened in this update to increase the resistance of magicians. And with work Xerath Get pretty strong buffs in the new version, sure Star Guardian with a combination of 4 mages will be the dominant force of the DTCL 10.17 update thanks to the powerful amount of magic power Xerath and Syndra.

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Guide to building the Xerath squad Search – Time No DTCL version 10.16 10.17

The Star Guardian style lineup is still very good "force"

Standard lineup:

  • 1 gold hero: Poppy, Zoe, Javan IV.
  • Champion 2 gold: Ahri.
  • 3 gold champions: Syndra (Main Force), Neeko.
  • 4 Gold Heroes: Soraka.
  • Hero 5 gold: Xerath (Main Force), Janna.

Top 3 – The Vanguard of Mystery

When it comes to this lineup, you will immediately think of it Cassiopeia is a very strong trump card. And thanks to the power buff for the skill’s The Snake Queen at the level 3 stars Candlestick Vanguard of Mystery has continued to come back The Arena of Truth meta in the new version.

Standard lineup:

  • 1 gold hero: Poppy.
  • Champion 2 gold: Nautilus.
  • 3 gold champions: Jayce (Main Force), Karma, Cassiopeia (Main force).
  • 4 Gold Heroes: Soraka.
  • Hero 5 gold: Janna, Lulu.

Top 4 – Armored Squad

In the new version of Truth Arena, The Armor (Pilot) has been buffed quite significantly. With such equipment Giant Power good Fist with Justice Gain quite a lot of stats and decrease your stack Power This roster is currently one of the strongest decks in the current meta. But I do not encourage you to use this deck because it is being spammed quite a lot in rank.

Standard lineup:

  • Champion 2 gold: Annie.
  • 3 gold champions: Rumble (Main force), Karma, Shaco (Main force).
  • 4 Gold Heroes: Viktor (Main Force), Soraka, Fizz.
  • Hero 5 gold: Gangplank.

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