Instructions to play Crypto in Apex Legends

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Season 3 Meltdown has appeared Crypto, the newest character in the survival game Apex Legends. While most of the new content in Season 3 is free, you’ll need to drop 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock Crypto, just like Octane Season 1 and Wattson Season 2.

In the following guide, we detail all the unique abilities of Crypto and how to best use them to create a defense for your team or use against the opponent.

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Crypto – Apex Legends New Legendary Champion

Introducing the Crypto character in Apex Legends

Crypto is Apex Legends’ second restructuring character. In this regard, his role on the battlefield is similar to that of Bloodhound, hunting and locating enemies. However, unlike Bloodhound, an aggressive stalker that seeks to destroy teams, Crypto places less emphasis on being on the front lines, as he is better suited to finding enemies while in hiding.

If you play Crypto, you will normally fulfill the support role, assisting your teammates to destroy the enemy. Unlike most other Legends, Crypto does not possess a skill that allows him to easily escape battle. So you need to make sure that the matches are not near your location.

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Skills and how to play Crypto in Apex Legends

– Surveillance Drone tactical capabilities: Deploying an aerial drone allows you to view the surrounding area from an elevated position.

Crypto drones have many uses. It can open and close doors, break open crates, and retrieve respawn beacons for allies. Point the drone’s camera at any location around the map, it will show you how many teams are in the area around you. Crypto can only summon one drone but he has unlimited supply. However, when the drone was destroyed, it took 40 seconds for him to summon another one.

– Neurolink passive ability: Enemies detected by the Drone will be monitored within 30 meters of your location, marked for both you and your teammates to see.

While you can track enemies with your drone, marking them with Neurolink is the best thing for your team, allowing the team to see the target through walls or smoke.

– Ultimate ability Drone EMP: Your surveillance drone creates an EMP explosion that deals armor damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

Crypto’s ultimate ability deals 50 damage to armor (completely destroys white armor) and slows all enemies with the same effect as Wattson’s Perimeter Security. Like other Legends, Crypto is affected by its own ultimate ability so make sure you are not in the blast zone when activating Drone EMP.

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Note when playing Crypto Apex Legends

– Surveillance Drone is not a safe tracking device, constantly making sounds and leaving traces when flying, can be shot down.
– Drones can be used to open and close doors remotely, creating a huge advantage.
– Drones can pick up banners and save teammates.
– It is recommended to use Drones to track behind from afar or an upcoming area
– Drone EMP can be used from a distance to deal damage to enemies before rushing in to finish them off.
– Using Drone EMP can affect teammates or yourself, avoid standing near but need to see your device destroyed.
– Choose an appropriate and safe location when using Drones, taking damage will cause you to lose access to Drones.
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Hopefully with Taimienphi’s guide to playing Crypto in Apex Legends, it will help you better understand this new legendary champion, Apex Legends season 3 has a lot of remarkable content, Things to know about Apex Legends Season 3 compiled here by Taimienphi, summarizing the important content. Have a nice day readers.
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