Smash the Battle – Smash with the old RPG but still play on Mobile

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Although the game from PC / Console to Mobile is quite rare, once it has appeared, it always ensures the top experience for players. These XCOM, GTA, Transistor.. or recent games like Jade Empire and Banner Saga 2 is a prime example of that.


Now we will continue to welcome another representative from the PC/Console with a crazy fighting style and extremely personalized graphics. That is Smash the Battle – title Korean games Developed by just one person. Although not comparable to the above names, Smash the Battle will still bring bloody action to players..

Smash the Battle puts gamers in the role of two survivors of a hacker attack that causes robots to turn to slaughter humans. Stuck in the construction site without anyone to help, these two main characters will have to use all kinds of weapons to survive the bloodthirsty robots surrounding them.


The gameplay style of Smash the Battle is completely about the hack and slash element, where gamers have only one task to destroy the surrounding enemy ranks. The phases of throwing wrenches at the robots, the crazy combos to defeat even the stubborn bosses.. will continuously fuel the player’s thirst for action.


Also with the element of a title RPG, Smashing the Battle It also allows gamers to freely develop character strength. From familiar stats such as armor, health and damage, characters can also transform their appearance through extremely personal costumes. Of course, these skins will transform through the two characters you choose, showing the developer’s care even if there is only one.


Graphics is also another strength that Smashing the Battle brings from PC to Mobile. The entire game is characterized under sharp 3D graphics and a slightly Anime design style full of personality. From the light reflected on the main character’s armor to the effect of the attack when the wrench is thrown on the enemy’s body, it all shows the strength of Smashing the Battle’s graphics.


Smashing the Battle After a period of fighting on PC, it has officially docked on both Android and iOS platforms. Readers who want to immerse themselves in the fighting phases of this Korean game can be downloaded for free directly here:

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