These are the places in the Marvel movies in real life

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Marvel movies marked as one of the first series to gather superhero images in the history of cinema, creating the premise for the subsequent blockbusters. One of the conditions for these films to be successful is the graphic effects and great scenes, impressed with extremely unique locations. However, few people know places like headquarters Avengers or where Captain America join forces to fight with Iron Man.. completely based on the real-life context. Just a few graphic effects are real life buildings or scenes that are completely transformed in the eyes of the viewer.

The first is the famous headquarters of the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. In fact, this is Porsche Experience Center – A complex for visitors to experience Porsche cars. Just a few tricks and the words Porsche Experience Center are replaced by the Avengers logo.


Remember where Captain America first met Ant-Man and immediately recognized this as a fan of his? Yes, this is the parking lot of the AT&T Midtown building.


Along with that, there are many different places Marvel used to include movie scenes, giving viewers an interesting look between movies and real life.

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