These are simulation games that once you play, you will be fascinated (P2)

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first. Farming Simulator 17


In Farming Simulator, gamers will play the role of a farmer and manage his farm, your daily task is to cultivate, raise and harvest. Everything in the game is extremely lively because of the realism like a real farm, if you want to return to being a farmer, this game is worth the money.

2. Two Point Hospital


Known as an entertaining hospital management game, it is determined to recreate the fun and humor of Theme Hospital, a previously released game of the same theme. With the aim of bringing laughter to the players, you will be able to witness the terrible diseases that you never have in real life such as lightbulb disease and countless other diseases. The game is expected to release this year, so you have to wait a while to experience this super fun game.

3. Turmoil


The game will take players back to the 19th century in northern America and feel the oil rush in history. The player plays the role of an oil trader with work, mining, searching for new oil fields, building rigs, pipelines to bring oil to storage, then selling when the time is right. . Every decision at any stage affects the business and the growth of the town that you manage. Make a lot of money and buy shares of rival towns, expand your business.

4. Stardew Valley


Continue to be a farm management game sent to readers. Developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, Stardew Valley is a game that puts the player in the role of a farmer to rebuild his grandfather’s dilapidated farmland. On the existing foundation, recreate and rebuild the once golden age by cultivating and raising livestock, mining ores and participating in social activities, expanding relationships. The ultimate goal of the game is to earn a lot of money from the above jobs to continue to expand your farm.

5. Prison Architect


This will be a title simulation game with extremely new content that Emergenceingame.Com introduces to readers. The game takes the player to become a director of a prison, starting with the first cell and a few prisoners, with your ability, you will plan to expand the prison and have more prisoners. The more prisoners there are, the more money there will be to scale up. To do this, you must have certain strategies, build a comfortable prison to reduce the riot index of prisoners and make them not intend to escape. The dangers that players face in the game are notorious criminals and riots, so the player’s decisions must be wise.

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